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Heeey! ~ I'm back! Chiyo Fangirling Icon

So It was the second week of December, and I was really stressed because our electricity bill just came. Really. I hope it was really crazy to think about it, but I will pacify my stress by answering this Tagged Journal by :icontransformicerawks11: (Thank you, senpai! I owe you one!)Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]

Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3 Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3 

The said rules were given here . . . Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) Answer if you want.

Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3  Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3 

Oh yes, I'll be answering all these things ~ xD

1.) I am a huge fan of ANIME, and to add it, I am a fan-fiction writer, cosplayer, photographer and a huge geek. SERIOUSLY Dansu plz
2.) I am the ELDEST out of THREE SIBLINGS, so you know now why I AM ALWAYS PRESSURED. The next to me was a boy, who has an Autism patient, and the youngest was on the fourth grade, who was giving me ideas about fan-fiction and original stories. Salama Sparkleeye Icon
3.) I am a HUGE FAN of CATS. Oh yes, I AM ~ Includes rescuing and keeping them that devious smile
4.) I'm a little bit SARCASTIC in person, but CUNNING and OBSERVANT Chiyo Flowers Icon
5.) I'm still at college, currently stopped due to SOME circumstances. You know what I mean Dramaticdean
6.) I am always a fan of TOM CLANCY, JERRY BRUCKHEIMER, MICHAEL BAY, ROBERT DOWNEY JR., MORGAN FREEMAN AND STRAWBERRIES. For those people who loves these assorted favorites, let's do a fist bump! BROFIST
7.) My work? Hnngh ~ I'm a FREELANCER, with various to work with: Writing Articles/Stories, Photography, Event Management, Digital and Traditional Art, Costume Rentals, Nihonggo Tutor, Beta Tester, Proof Reader and especially BLOGGING, with tidbits of software programming and hardware fixing too Muse Smile Icon

10.) Filipino, 18 Years of Age, Lives in Davao City, PH, Engaged, Female. Death stare

Answers To Her Questions: May Wink Icon 

1.fave youtuber?

:iconerichi25: - ChinxNin, RedMercy, Daneboe, The Annoying Orange, UberDanger

2.fave comedy?(movie,t.v, etc.)

Movie - White Chicks, 3 Idiots, Miss Congeniality, Bad Boys
T.V - None so far //derping intensifies 
Youtube Channel - The Annoying Orange and the Gang
Cartoons - Tom and Jerry

3.fave genre of anime?(spice of life, romance, horror etc.)

:iconerichi25: - Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Suspense, Drama

4.fave accent?(Flag of Spain Flag of United Kingdom Flag of Italy Flag of Germany Flag of Russia Flag of United States Flag of Australia )

:iconerichi25: - British and Australian. It was really interesting to learn. Le me is a linguistic Dipper Emote

5.fave character from Super Smash Bros.?(assuming you play it, if you dont then google it)
:iconerichi25: - Playing this on Wii before, and I always use Pikachu want it

6.fave online game?
:iconerichi25: - League of Legends. PH Server as joeri1011

7.have you ever cosplayed in ur life? if so, what did you cosplay as?
:iconerichi25: - Been Cosplaying for 2 years (stopped this year)

Momo Hinamori (Bleach)
- Mindanao Toy Summit 2012
(Uniform Version)
- Brothers Intl. "Ato Ini" Cosplay Contest (School Version)
- Davao Cyber Expo (Yukata Version)

Aoi Hodou (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!)
- Gadgets and Games Fair (Maid Version)
- JMC Aquaintance Cosplay Party (Casual Version)

- Brothers Intl. "Ato Ini" Cosplay Contest (Alternate Universe Version, since I am wearing Akatsuki Cloak xD)

Miku Hatsune (VOCALOID)
- Photoshoot (Shrine Maiden Version, Casual Version)

Akali (League of Legends)
- Mindanao Toy Convention 2013 (Nurse Akali)
- Mindanao Cosplay Summit 2013 (performed a skit during the competition, as Nurse Akali)

8.fave food?
:iconerichi25: - Chocolate Mousse or Strawberry Shortcake Please ~ Pikachu Piff Plz 

9.current phone?
:iconerichi25: - Since my Alcatel OneTouch Glory A918 was broken, I use CloudPad 700D (since it has SIM Slot and can do Messaging and Calls at the same time ~ So I consider it one). I have also Cherry Mobile T200 (PH-made phone, search it on Google if you're curious xD)


:iconerichi25: - Everyone who considers me as my friend are all my bff's (that includes the person who tagged me this xD)

Pikachu want it  - Since the one who tagged me asked to tag me 10 people, well, here they are!
I choose :iconsisterstories:. :iconakaxgan:, :iconsketchinsmid:, :icontmwillson3:, :icondigimonmanager:, :iconalan06:, :iconyori-sama-1983:, :iconadorael:, :iconfruitsbasket61999: and :iconiruzi-izuri:. I choose you to answer my questions along giving your random 10 facts:

1. Why did you join DeviantArt?
2. If you have a change to date your ultimate character, who will you choose and why? CHOOSE ONE xD
3. What is your biggest fear?
4. What is the biggest artwork that you find quite a challenge and why?
5. Your First Funny Anime Experience with friends
6. One wish you want to have, or anything you desire
7. The WORD/ PHRASE you really HATE
8. One thing can broke your heart
9. One place that you want to go someday and WHY
10. Favorite Song and WHY

If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist  If you don't exist

A Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) U Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) C Alphabets (Words) E Alphabets (Words) M Alphabets (Words) E Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) T Alphabets (Words) 

A BIG THANKS for those people who are CONTINUING TO SUPPORT MY ARTWORKS AND LITERATURES! I owe you one! pikachu roll head plz

M.M. icon New Friends: :iconakaxgan:, :icondigimonmanager:, :icon3dshe: and :icontreekitty: ! Thank you! i got a letter
M.M. icon Senpais :icontransformicerawks11: for the tagged journal, :icontmwillson3:, :iconsisterstories:, :iconyori-sama-1983:, :iconalan06:, :iconiruzi-izuri: and :iconsketchinsmid: for being always with me   
M.M. icon :iconEmentaali: and :iconhizukinoriega: for giving me a llama badge 3D Llama Badge 
M.M. icon And to the Anonymous Deviant User who gave  80 Points in my donation pool for our group, :iconkyoyaharuhi:. Thank you so much! :points:

And of course, these MAJOR MAJOR Announcements: Blower fella (Party)

M.M. icon  Release for my third KyoHaru Fanfic, Lady Marmalade! "When She Loved Me" and "Walking on Sunshine" has on its ending come close by. I THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THESE FAN FICTIONS! i REALLY OWE YOU BIG TIME! Typo 2
M.M. icon Will be offline on December 21-26, 2014 (YA! December Camp 2014 and Christmas Season)

Announcement for Commissions Writer fella ( Artists ) 

M.M. icon Exchanged Fanfic with :icontmwillson3: for Christmas the LA scale

cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat  cat cat  cat

Love You Guys and Happy Holidays!


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Erica Celine Cassandra Fernandez
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Welcome to le paradise!

I am Erichi (my HS classmates called me because they known me from writing and making comics and etc.), can call me Eri for short.
Freelancer, Cosplayer, Blogger, Photographer, Comic Writer and Illustrator. Music Editor, Deejay and the Program Head of The Erichi Radio.

*The Erichi Radio:
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The True Eri:
I like people who are really open, friendly, nice, straight-to-the-point and honest.
I hate people who are liars, backstabbers, fame whores, idiots and especially thieves stealing other's ideas and thoughts.

Contact Me Via Social Media Sites, but LEAVE A NOTE FIRST and STATE YOUR BUSINESS with me. Will just put my websites :3 (on maintenance)

Feel free to browse on my little but humble-down profile ~ <3


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Even years gone by and everything’s gone into the right place, who wouldn’t thought that I will be a mother of twins, as what my husband predicted?


I used to think maybe you love me, now baby I'm sure

And I just can’t wait till the day, when you knock on my door


“Mommy, wake up!” Keita wriggle my leg while he was snuggling up in my bed.

“You will be late, again!” Harumi was holding my other arm while she was kissing my cheeks.

I opened up my eyes, and thus the two angels greeted me with a kiss and a smile.

“Good Morning, mommy!” the two kids greeted me in chorus.

“Good Morning Keita and Harumi” I smiled as I kissed my two kids who has the guts on waking me up early in the morning to work.


Now every time I go for the mail box, gotta hold myself down

'cause I just can’t wait till you write me, you're coming around


“Now calm down, you two. Mommy was just wake up from her slumber. Take a bath now and change. You’ll be late for school” Kyoya warned the kids as the two ran in the corridors.

“Yes, daddy!” the two said in chorus while going to their respective comfort rooms.

My husband’s already in his polo and slacks while wearing a frilly apron, with his sliver eye glasses. God, I couldn’t bear the handsomeness and the sexiness my husband is portraying right now.

“Good morning, love” he greeted me as he comes close to our bed.

“Good morning too, Kyoya-senpai” I tease him as his cheeks turned red. He was sitting on the edge of our California King Bed right now, ready for pinning me in the bed.

“You know that it made me turn on when you said that” he whispered on my ear.

“I know right” I smirked as he kissed me passionately.


I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

And don't it feel good (HEY!) Alright now

And don't it feel good (HEY!) Alright now

All right now yeah! (HEY!)


“Kyoya-senpai, stop that. Our baby might be disturbed on what we are doing” I whispered on is hear after we break our kiss apart.

“Did you know it also good for the baby when daddy smooches mommy like this?” he smirks as he kissed my tummy.

“Love, it tickles!” I protested. But what could I do? My husband’s pampering me like this for almost a decade and he never fails on making me falling in love in him again and again and again.


I used to think maybe you love me, I know that it's true

And I don't wanna spend all of my life just waiting for you (just waiting for you)


After that, I was carried in our comfort room, scrubbed my back with care, made me dressed in a frilly maternity clothes that my dad gave me and setting on the table to eat with my kids.

“Mommy! Are you going to our play, later?” Keichi asked.

“Of course, baby, Mommy and Daddy will go!” I answered as I pinch his cheeks.

“I thought daddy will be on a long meeting later” Harumi thought.

“Harumi, Daddy didn’t absent a play, you know that” my husband smiled at our little daughter as Harumi was on his lap.


Now I don't want you back for the weekend, not back for a day, no, no, no

Baby I just want you back and I want you to stay


“Now, let’s finish our breakfast. You will be late!” I warned.

“Yes, mommy!” they replied in chorus while they finished eating their breakfast. I grabbed my attention to my kids on their uniforms and bags before they will forget something, after; I make my husband wear the same tie he used on our grand wedding. He kissed me in the forehead as gratitude, and then we proceeded on our family care.

Kids . . . me and my husband’s source of inspiration. In the ten years of our marriage, I can say that I am proud of what the output has become. Even the past was a dark one; it took me time before I step out of that dark world and grasp the light.

I am so happy that I have Kyoya, and my kids.

Harumi and Keita were sitting on the back seat, having their seatbelts buckled up, as I sat on the front seat while Kyoya is the driver. We drive the kids on our alma mater, Ouran Private Academy. When we got there, we escort them in their room, kissed their cheeks and bade goodbye as we hurriedly went to the car before we get late.


I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)

And don't it feel good (HEY!) Alright now

And don't it feel good (HEY!) Alright now

All right now yeah! (HEY!)


The rays of the sun in the morning was really energizing for my work today. Tons of paperwork for some cases to be taken care of, while my husband was calling me from time to time, telling how do I do today. Since, we will be having a leave this afternoon; Kyoya fetched me in the law firm office before we went to our kid’s school. Father called that they will be arriving with dad who was keeping father butting him in about their grandchildren’s first play.


Walking on sunshine

Walking on sunshine


“Grandpa! Oji-sama!” the kids exclaimed when they reach for their grandfathers’ arms. Well, the grandfathers were really proud of their grandchildren. It was one of the greatest treasures while they are still here. It would be wonderful to see them graduated in a black toga, finishing their dream courses in the future. Every achievement that our kids unlock, they are always there to support.

We sat on the front row with daddy and father (take note, the “daddy” is Ryoji, then the “father” is Yoshio) and my husband. Kyoya reached for my hand and hold it. He smiled at me as he said:

“We must celebrate this moment love. We were standing proud than anyone else here in the auditorium”

“I couldn’t agree for more” I said as the play started.

I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love that's really real

I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love that's really real


Our twins was highly praised on their theatrical play (thanks to the two grandfathers who trained them personally), that’s why they were having the leading roles together in a play. They were really naturals. They were better than us hosts before. As a mother, I would say that I was proud of having kids who are excellent artists, so is my husband and the two grandfathers.


I'm on sunshine baby yeah

I'm on sunshine baby yeah


After the play, roses were thrown on the stage for having a great job on the play. When the kids came down from the stage, there are many parents who were complimented the kids, and was gradually accepting them with utmost sincerity and humbleness. Truly a remarkable way of taking care of them was they were trained to be respectful professionals in such a young age.

“What an impressive offsprings you have, Attorney Ootori! You must be proud right now!” the other parent said.

“Thank you so much. My kids were really naturals and they practice it together. They’re really good at internalizing their roles” I replied as my kids were hugging me.

“And of the top of that, the two grandfathers trained them, too for additional reference for the kids” Kyoya added. The two grandfathers were also flattered.

“Team work of course” father smirked at dad.

“Well, they are fast learners, indeed” my dad added.


I'm walking on sunshine whoa

I'm walking on sunshine whoa

I'm walking on sunshine whoa


And don't it feel good hey alright now

And don't it feel good hey alright now

And don't it feel good hey alright now

And don't it feel good hey alright now


After the play, we went home to the Ootori estate to have a feast in honor of the kid’s celebration on the success of their play. The kids were very satisfied of the food, and as a family, we eat together at the dining table together.

“I can live like this forever, love” he sighed happily as the others were busy chit-chatting.

“Me too, me too” I replied as I hold his hands and stared at him. He smiled so sweetly yet he was so gentle.

“We were walking on the sunshine after all” he smiled.

I just nodded. I couldn't agree for more. 

Walking on Sunshine (Epilogue)
Aaaand, here's the epilogue! (Now available on and on :iconkyoyaharuhi:Waaaah! 
Now, the epilogue is here, I really just want to thank you everybody for you continual patronage on my works. It was a success for my second fanfic, and I hope I made it okay for my readers. I know it's a little bit hanging in the midair (and I am sorry for that Sweating a little... ), but I guess, I tried Meow :3 

I couldn't thank you enough guys! Really! Huggle! 

My third KyoHaru fanfic is up, entitled "Lady Marmalade" on its prologue: <da:thumb id="499545910">  La la la la 
I hope you guys will see the synopsis of this next story. By the way, as usual, CITRUS SCENES are published here ONLY in my DeviantArt Account (to be safe Nod )

Thank you so much! Minna daisuki!I am a dummy! 
:iconerichi25: Heart 

After three years of sweat drops and determination, we finished college together: I finished Law and him on Medicine.

“Letting go of something in the past will make you move ahead in the next level for your upcoming future. . . Just like what happened to me before I enter this school. I have the strong desire not to let this person go because she changed me, a lot, even on those things that I was really object, which makes sense. . .” The Suma Com Laude, quote on his graduation day. He was now graduated from medicine, and he will be taking business administration at MBE after his graduation. He look so handsome in his tie and suit while wearing his black toga with a blue sash over his shoulder, his eyeglasses spark while he was reading the piece.

And anything else, I was a proud wife of this man.

“. . . thus, everybody here in the school doesn’t even know, that this man is already married” he announced.

Heck, why do he need to say that?

His fan-girls were shocked and demanded an explanation. His father chuckled as he patted my head.

“That’s why he was so proud of you, my dear” he smirked back at me. I only smiled in reply

“Oh well, calm down, ladies. Sometimes, a man will pick his lady because he knows that it was the man’s weakness, and the woman he picks knows his every flaw” he smirked and winked at me.

Idiot. Now, it does explain how did Kyoya managed to be like this. Yoshio-otou-sama was like that. So I thought. . .

The fan-girls were angry and disappointed that it makes the whole auditorium noisy, he continued to speak:

“From the moment I went here, all you know that I was the cool, intelligent guy. Yes, I admit that, but do you know EXACTLY who I am?”

They were all silent.

“Thus, you don’t know me at all, but my wife does. She knows my pain, suffering and those joyful moments that I recall. My courage, my strength: EVERYTHING, I took to finish this course. That’s why I couldn’t thank you enough, my dear wife” my husband shed a tear after that.

“I couldn’t thank you enough. . . Especially on those times I really want to give up on everything” he smiled with a tearful eye.

I formed a heart shape on my hands. He replied back by doing the same thing that I did.

- - -

Graduation Berets were flying up in the air as the graduation ceremonies finished. My blue furisode blends with his tie, along with my black hapi (coat for any traditional Japanese dress) that has an Ootori crest on the back, both sides on the sleeves and both on the front. Chiyo-oba-sama made an amazing job on the wig I used: the curly bun wig wrestles on the back of my head, while the blue and silver sakura kanzashi (hair ornament) sways in the wind.

Kyoya run towards me and raised me up in the air as hard as he can. The people were shocked and astonished how happy Kyoya was at me. He kissed me passionately when he brought me down. The crowd cheered us so much that both of us got embarrassed. Yoshio-otou-sama just laughed at us two.

Then, Kyoya’s phone rang . . .

“Kyoya, dear?”

“Otou-sama! Where were you? I thought you’ll be here at my graduation”

“I’m sorry dear, I was busy preparing for a surprise, you know”

“Oh, I see with that. I can’t wait for the surprise”

“Since I just recently finished it, I’ll call your father to pick me up here in the farm. Is that okay for you, son?”

“Oh yes, please do. Haruhi’s graduation will be this afternoon. Your daughter will be sulking in the corner if you didn’t come.”

“Why would I miss that? I swear to Kotoko that I will be there for my daughter in the stage while she was wearing her toga and receiving her certificate. Kotoko will drag me to hell if I didn’t attend my own daughter’s graduation, you know”

“Of course, father. Please come. She is really worried”

“Sure, sure. I’ll be calling your father. We are getting something big for that surprise. Your father and I prepared this a lot for the both of you, that’s why you need to calm down, okay?”

“Sure, father. Anything you want to make us happy”

“Will be hanging up. Love you both!”

“Love you too, dad”

Then, the phone hung up.

Father excused himself after a phone call from my dad, leaving the two of us. There are many people who greeted Kyoya for his achievement. He was surely the same, old idiot I knew since high school.

“Congratulations, Kyoya-sama!” his kohai greeted.

“You really inspire us with your determination and strength. Thank you so much!” greeted the other one.

“So, where is your wife? We would like to meet her” his study partner asked.

Kyoya hold my hand and smiled, “You know her, am I right?”

She was shocked.

“Haruhi-senpai?” she gasped. I just nodded and smiled at her, showing my wedding ring.

“It’s really embarrassing that my husband exposed our relationship. . . We want to keep it subtle as possible within the six years of our relationship, three marriage years . . . and yet, my husband is very proud of what he becomes” I smiled.

“Aww, c’mon love, you don’t need to be sulking about that” my husband teased me.

“You, snake charmer. Who wouldn’t think about that? Hnngh?” I grinned back at him as he kissed me on the forehead.

“Congratulations on your relationship!” his study partner greeted us. And yes, her smile’s a fake one. I knew her so well. Many rumors spread across Law Department that she tried to seduce my husband, but Kyoya never fall into her magic spell. As cold as my husband is, well, no wonder he was like that.

“Thank you, Suzume! I hope that smile was a true one or not” I smirked. Kyoya was glancing on me. I can see her left eyebrow rose, and then she smiled.

“Oh gosh, did you hear that? A blow from The Shadow King’s wife!” her classmate gasped.

“Now, this is something. I heard that Suzume was fallen head over heels on Ootori-senpai.” Said the other.

“Haruhi . . .” Kyoya sighed.

“I’m an Ootori, my dear husband. I can handle my mess on my own” I said. My husband remained silent. She was all embarrassed and flustered about what her classmates commented at her. Of course, I stay the same as she was stepping back from where she stands.

“I didn’t mean like that, you know. I did forgive you for that. I didn’t even retaliate after how many times you deceive my husband. I trust my husband so much, just as you know. I am fully mature to understand you. Who knows? Your Mister Perfect was just around the corner, waiting for you to notice him” I smiled and bowed in respect, heading to the parking lot.

“And who could that be?” She replied.

I just smiled and replied, “You can find him in the stage right now, sitting while remembering the days that the two of you get along. I can see it in his face, too. So why don’t you?” I smirked and left the scene. She was left dumbfounded and ran on the auditorium to meet the guy I mentioned earlier.

I sit on the back seat while Kyoya’s starting up the car. We were silent through the duration of a soothing joyride together.

“Why are you there on the back seat, Haruhi?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course, it does. You were usually sitting beside me while I am driving the car”

“I am wearing a furisode today, love. It would be better to sit on the back because my obi is killing my back”

“Oh, that would guess it. You wouldn’t fit in the front seat.”

He stopped the car near the park. He looked at my direction: his eyeglass was glazing in the sunlight, his broad shoulders wrestles in his suit, his face was so soothing while he was smirking at me.

His glaze makes me want to melt. Indeed, it was really one of my weaknesses, to be exact.

“Love, why is your face all red? Did I make you . . .”

I just nodded. He kissed me in the forehead and smiled.

“I love you, Haruhi Ootori”

“And I love you more that you could ever know, my dear husband”

We smiled at each other and he continued on his pace down to a famous ramen bar. We ate a lot, and then we head back on the school for the graduation exercised this afternoon for Law Student Graduates.

The crowd was looking at us when we arrived at the auditorium. Our fathers were waiting on the grand door, so everyone in the school knows the prestigious Ootori group.

“Is that Yoshio Ootori, one of the most powerful businessmen in our country, today?”

“Yes, he was the owner of hospital chains and recreational centers for their patients. Their services are flawless and outstanding!”

“But why is he here? Are they waiting for someone?”

Gosh, they didn’t know that the third son was here, studying? We aren’t looking at each other in the school, after all.

“Haruhi, there you are, my dear!” my dad greeted me with a hug.

“Come to think of it, your baby girl is about to graduate law today. You should be proud of it, Ryoji” Yoshi patted my dad lightly, and then tears of joy were shed while he was holding my hands.

“Her mother should be proud at her today” he smiled as he kissed me in the forehead.

“Father, did you eat lunch already with daddy Ranka?” Kyoya asked as he bowed in respect, I did it too.

“Yes, son, I did. I want to witness my daughter-in-law’s graduation” father smiled at me as I bowed in respect again.

“Thank you very much for coming, father. It is a great honor to have you here” I replied. People were all shocked: Yes, indeed, I was the future matriarch of a multi-billionaire company all over Japan, but on top of all things, I didn’t even mind it. As long as my family is complete and with my husband in my side, my path could never go wrong.

“So, whether our kind of life may be, but we remain as clusters just like the stars above. Always remember to honor our alma mater and to our parents who never stops on supporting us. Even the ones you love don’t ever forget to thank them: They will be your other half when the years will go through. Thank you and good afternoon”

People were cheering and applauding after my speech. When it comes to awarding ceremonies, they were all shocked because the school changed my surname from Fujioka to Ootori. Well, it can’t be helped since I was married to him for three years.

I smiled and bowed with utmost respect, from the grace of my actions and the words I’ve been speaking, well, it gives them the charismatic view that Kyoya made the right choice that he married me, not for money, but for love.

And thus, even though my experiences before was dark and cloudy, there is always a silver lining still waiting for you to reach. Walking from the dark path before, I was able to walking on sunshine today, with him at my side while the summer breeze blow through our hair.

- - -

The party was really extravagant: people were wearing traditional Japanese kimonos of different families. It was really breathtaking to see my husband in a hakama. Since the host club before was managed to go cosplay bakemonogatari before, I still want to see my husband in a hakama. He looks so mature: more like a Japanese boy than he was in a suit.

“Congratulations on your graduation, Kyoya-sama!” an old lady greeted him, she’s one of the board of trustees of their companies

“Thank you so much. I appreciate that” he smiled and bowed in utmost respect.

“So this is your young wife? She looks so stunning in her furisode. No wonder you left Tokyo and live peacefully in a majestic farm like this. I’m sure that you learned so much here” a gentleman complimented, one of father’s business partners in medicine manufacture.

“Thank you. She was the lily of my heart, my sunshine through the rain, my blanket when I am cold, the source of my strength” he smiled at them, while he returned his sweetest glare on me. They were doing moe all over the place.

Rich Bastards. Oh right, I’m a wife of a rich bastard. Logic.

“It’s good that you take up law in a prestigious university. Why did you take law, young lady?”  a stunning lady asked, a ceremonial tea instructor.

“Well, my mother used to be one. She stand up against people who are really abusing of their powers. She was my inspiration why I take up this course. I couldn’t done enough without my mother’s other half, my ever supporting dad and my loving husband who never leaves me behind” I smiled at him. He smirked and holding my hand lightly.

We were busy taking care of the guest, until the party goes on and on through the night, we took a rest.

“Haruhi, what would the future brings for us?” My husband asked as I was leaning on his shoulder.

“Let the wind take us wherever we go, love. For now, we must ensure that our kids in the future must have a bright future” I replied.

“You’re right, love. Who wouldn’t know that you will bear a twin after our fruitful relationship?” he said while his face was inches closer to mine.

“I would love that” I replied as I was sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Walking on Sunshine (Chapter 6)
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Chapter 18: Epilogue

Kichirou Ootori: Topping the admission exams in Ouran Private Academy with an Average of 98%

The headline of the Ou-Spo, the official newspaper of Ouran Private Academy was really amazing as he sets his feet to elementary after his graduation in kindergarten. He was really an exceptional talent: a kid that can even exceed his father and mother. He even surpass my records in school.

Grandpa! he squealed as my father came by for Christmas Season. Father was lifting the kid in his arms as Ryoji-otou-sama smiled and Ichi greeted him. He was still an okama, as he is. He started to build a Kabuki theatre to bring the tradition back to its full bloom.

Ranka-ojii-sama, can I practice with you when you are teaching yotsudake to the theater? Ichi asks to his second grandpa. Ranka-otou-sama nodded as he patted Ichis head. He was giggling with excitement. He was in for Japanese Culture activities like Kyudo (Japanese Archery), Kendo (as instructed by his Uncle Takashi), Budou (instructed by his Uncle Mitsukuni), Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony by my father), Law, Science and especially his forte, Medicine and Business.

Now, Ichi, hold it. You need to study more my wife commented as she cleared her throat. The two grandfathers were sitting still as Ichi was sandwiched between them.

Aww, cmon Haruhi, dear, we will not do anything dangerous to our grandson Ranka-otou-sama chuckled.

And it was just a rare opportunity to be with my grandson after numerous trips around the world. I couldnt wish for more but to be with my family this Christmas my father smiled at us. Suddenly, the silence broke apart when my other brothers and Fuyumi-nee-san step in the villa with their respected families.

Oh gosh, Fuyumi-nee-san! Look at you! My wife exclaimed at my sister, who is four months pregnant with her husband and her eight year-old daughter, Fujiko.

Haruhi-oba-sama, where is Kichirou-kun? the young lady asked to my wife.

Well, he was upstairs, at the library, reading books she lead the way as the kid run as fast as she can and huddled up to the stairs.

I helped my wife cooking for our Noche Buena celebration, since Fuyumi-nee-san cant help because Father doesnt want to strained herself her up on the chores given, leaving Akito-nii-sans wife, Saeko and Yuuichi-nii-sans wife, Kasuga.

Oh my, you guys are really alike Saeko-nee-sama commented as she was baking on the other side of the kitchen.

True indeed, Saeko, but they have different personalities, especially the youngest. How did you meet your fathers expectations? Kasuga-nee-sama asked me as she was mixing the salad.

"Well. . ." I smirked as I was decorating the strawberry cake.

"It's really not easy for me to say but, It was really a crazy road on this position" I smirked as I topped the cake with strawberries.

"And, why did your father agree to marry a commoner? Is it not challenging for him to accept her?" Saeko-nee-sama asked. Oh geez, she just stepped the line.

"What's wrong with that, anyway? At least I was never forced to marry her for my inheritance or keeping the company and the empire strong by marrying another heir"

They were silent in the room, and it includes my wife who was cooking roasted chicken on the other side with Fuyumi-nee-san on the other side of the kitchen.

"At least I was not degrading anyone and not catching any of my husband's money, title, fame and stability in life" my wife smirked as Fuyumi-nee-san chuckled as she was eating ootoro. It was true that Saeko-onee-sama has the worst attitude problem, but Akito-onii-sama love her so much. Haruhi on the other hand was really good at observing people's judge of character. That's why I am always proud of having Haruhi as my wife.

"And also, putting the chocolate in direct heat will lose the chocolate's texture and creaminess. You must melt it in a pot with boiling water in a pot beneath it" she added as Kaoru-nee-sama and Fuyumi-sama chuckled. They always knew that kitchen was really NOT her thing.

After everything was settled, we were serving the food on the grand table. The whole family was there, including my wife on my side. The patriarch of our family was on the middle, so as the patriarch of the Fujioka family on the opposite end with me and Haruhi beside Ichi.

It was indeed a perfect night for us, while the exchanging of gift was commenced. It was the two grandpas first time ever to receive a gift from their grandchildren. Dear me, he was questioning about what will happened in the future of Ichi, since I was the newly CEO of Ootori Medical Group in which my father passed me on.

Grandpa, I want to be a businessman with an oriented touch, like you and Grandpa Ranka he smiled as Ryoji-otou-sama was chuckling.

You, little charmer. . . You really resemble your father he said as he hugged his first grandson. Haruhi smiled as I made her rest on my shoulder.

Love, is everything alright? I asked her. She looks tired and stressed today with all the cooking.

Oh, of course, I am okay, love. Why is it? Are you . . . worried? Haruhi whispered to my ear.

Yes, I was really paranoid. But what could I do? She undergone so much pain in her life, and yet I am so scared enough.

Im sorry love, I dont mean to . .

Its okay Kyoya. I am still here, and I am fine. Its just that I am tired she smiled as she squeaked.

Haruhi, dear, is everything okay? Ranka asked her daughter. Now we got everythings attention.

Im dizzy. I think I need to get a rest she smiled as Ichi grabbed her blouse.

Mommy, I am scared. Dont leave me he pleaded as tears formed in her big, onyx eyes. Haruhi brought Ichi on her arms and make him calm down.

Now, now. Dont cry, Ichi, my dear. Mommys fine. I am just tired from cooking. Maybe a little rest should help, okay? Haruhi reassured. Our son just nodded and smile. Then, after an hour, the host club bombarded our doorstep. The gang gave tons of gifts to their godson. Of course, Kichirou thanked all his uncles, except Tamaki didnt come. He wrote a letter to us. It wrote:


Kyoya, Haruhi and Kichirou,

Sorry that I didnt come because me and my family was on France right now, visiting my mother while father came suddenly shortly after a short meeting at Frankfurt. Of course, my gifts are always present. Always remember: I never forget you nor forsake my godson that bad. I love you all . . .




Well, he nailed it. Kichirou suddenly asked for my phone to call Tamaki overseas.

Hai, Tamaki desu. Who is this?

Moshi-moshi, Tamaki-oji-sama!

Kichirou, dearest! How were you? Are you fine?

Yes, oji-sama. I am perfectly fine

So, did you receive my letter and my gift, dearest?

Yes, oji-sama. Honto ni Arigatou gozaimashita!

Of course, anything for my godson!

But it wont be complete without you, oji-sama. I miss you

Yes, I miss you too, Kyoya Junior


A dead silence crepps on the conversation . . .


Are you online right now, oji-sama?

On Skype? Yes, I am. I have my laptop in my side

Can you wait for me? Ill get my dads laptop

Sure, sure Kichirou. Oji-sama will wait for your call



Then, the call ended. Kichirou hurriedly went to my room, get the PineApple laptop I used to work with (even until now like it was in my possession since first year high school, and still alive until now)

Son, is it about Tamaki-senpai?

Yes, mommy! The host club wont be complete without Tamaki-oji-sama

Our son is really a sentimental guy, just like her mother. When the laptop is on, he immediately typed for his Skype ID and logged in. He immediately call his Uncle Tamaki and placed the laptop on the center table enough for Tamaki to see us, including my brothers and their wives, Fuyumi-nee-sama, Ranka-otou-sama and the rest of the club. My son connected the HDMI cable to a projector so that we can see him clearly.

Hey, guys! Tamaki

Dono! Why you are so unfair, you sly fox! twins

Tama-chan! How are you! Hani-senpai

Ahh Mori-senpai

Tamaki-senpai, say my regards to Éclair Haruhi

Hello everyone! I hope youre having a good time on Christmas eve! –Éclair

Thank you! All in reply

Kichi-kun! Francine, Tamaki and Éclairs daughter

Francine! Did you receive my gift? Ichi

Yes, I do! Thank you so much! Francine

*My son suddenly blushes. Oh, those two were having puppy love . . .*

Kichirou, open your gift Tamaki


Kichirou opened his big box. When he unwrapping the box, the new PineApple laptop, the newest version of my old laptop was sitting on his lap.

Arigatou, Oji-sama! My son squealed as he was hugging the new laptop in his arms.

Youre always welcome, dear! Tamaki

Tamaki. . . I called.

Mn? Mon Ami? Tamaki

Merry Christmas, and, uhm, thanks-Me

Youre welcome-Tamaki

Well be leaving right now since we are going to Paris tonight for a party. Merry Christmas! Éclair bade and as we exchange our goodbyes, the call ended.


Look, guys! Its the countdown! My father exclaimed. We hurriedly ran in the balcony as the twins started the countdown.












Everyone exclaimed as the fireworks light up the sky of Ootori Mansion as we were sitting on the balcony of the estate, watching the colors go boom. Haruhi was in my arms right now, smiling at our son who was currently watching the scene. The host club gang was laughing and amazed how colors mixed up to the sky, same to the two grandfathers, my siblings and their wives and husband, and Fujiko on my sisters lap while watching it. The sky was literally sparkling, and as we gather around to form a circle, we bowed our heads in prayer, thanking for the moments that weve been together, although there are people who are far away from us, we will remain inseparable during these times.

After the fireworks display ended, we gather altogether in the table to eat our Noche Buena delicacies, made by the matriarchs of the Ootori Family, and me, of course. People gone chatting and enjoying the feast, Haruhi stepped back in her table, excusing herself in the process.

Is everything alright, dear? His father asked.

Im a little bit dizzy, father, thats all she smiled with a reassurance on her face.

Let her rest, Ranka. We will be enjoying the night together with everyone my father patted Ranka-otou-samas shoulder. Gradually, Kichirou walked beside his mother and grabbed her blouse.

Mommy, are you okay? You seemed like you are stressed he said. Haruhi hugged our son and kissed him in the cheek.

Ichi, Mommys fine. I just got tired from the cooking earlier. Ill head back to the room to rest first, then Ill go ahead if I am okay she smiled as Kichirou wrapped his arms around his mothers neck.

Dont push yourself mommy. Just rest if you want to, okay? Dont worry about me, I have my oji-sama-tachi, my grandfathers and my uncles, Aunt Fuyumi and Fujiko, okay? he smiled back at her mother. She patted her sons head and nodded and reply.

If you may excuse me, everybody. Ill be heeding to the room My wife bowed in respect as I assisted her in my old room where I grew up with.


Im sorry if I made you all worry, Kyoya. I dont mean to startle everyone. I was so weak and weary these past few weeks. Wouldnt you mind if you get my hand bag please? Your gift was on the bag she smiled. I just nodded and get her handbag on my study table. When I handed it to her, she opened her bag, grabbed the small wrapper and gave it to me. I wonder what kind of gift it was.

When I opened it, it was a pregnancy test that has two stripes . . .

Is this for real?

Haruhi, do you mean . . .

Yes, Kyoya. Another blessing for us she smiled at her as I can feel my tears falling from my cheeks. Haruhi wiped my tears away as she kissed me on the forehead.

Kyoya, Merry Christmas she whispered at my ear as she cups my both cheeks.

Merry Christmas, Haruhi. I love you so much that you could imagine I replied as I kissed her while she was sleeping in my arms.


And yet, I always knew that she loved me.
When She Loved Me (Epilogue)
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Chapter 17: Welcome to the New World

Everybody was busy preparing for my birthday party . . . but Haruhi never stops on surprising me either. Her birth due will be any week from now. Today is 22nd of November, and I was on the house, taking care of everything what should I wear, and assisting my pregnant wife.

I think I shouldnt wear this frilly gown that the twins gave me, Kyoya she pouted as she was gawking on her own reflection on the mirror. She was wearing a frilly halter striped pink dress, with white-sequined rose designs on her top, and the halter strap was long enough to be a shoal, then the skirt flows from the chest up to her feet, blooming. She was still sexy as ever: her hair grows inches from the normal cut when we were still in high school. Kaoru put some curly extensions on her hair to make her face longer, her make-up was just as subtle as natural, as expected from Hikaru. Her chest grows from B to D (of course, what would Kichirou drink, anyway? In case you are asking) but her normal was C, then her soft milky skin electrifies every inch of my body, her seductive smile makes me want to go oh-la-la all day, and her eyes taught me who on earth really I am . . . his one and only husband.

Why not, love? It looks good on you! I said honestly as she wears my pink tie around my neck, then resting my arms on her waist.

Seriously? You still bluffing like what you are doing in the host club days she chuckled as I was giggling all over. She looks stunning as ever. Thats why I never stop on falling in love with her everyday . . . Beauty and brains combined into one.

I am not, Haruhi Ootori, I would never bluff in front of my wife I smirked as she looked at me seductively.

You snake charmer . . . she smirked as I plant kisses on her neck.

Kyoya, stop that. We will never be in your birthday party and the baby shower on time she moaned softly in my ear as I rested on her shoulder.

Haruhi, this is it, my twenty-fourth birthday . . . and I am not getting any younger I sighed and wrapping her arms around my waist.

Youre still a crybaby, love. Cheer up, I am here for you she whispered in my ear as I was lost in her embrace. I cupped her face to savor her pouty lips. When we break our kiss, I assisted her on the limousine going to the Ootori Estate where I lived all my life.


 - - -


There they are! Hani-senpai greeted as him and Takashi-senpai were ushers on the party. Takashi-senpai smiled at us both. Haruhi chuckled at Takashi as we heard him talk like nobody elses can hear him talk for a long period of time.

Mon ami! Happy birthday! Tamaki greeted as he hugged me tight. I smiled at him as the twins captured me, leaving my wife and Tamaki on the sea of the crowd. I can see Tamaki lead to our fathers. She sits gracefully as my dad introduced my wife to his business associates. She was radiant all over the place, as she was sitting there proud than anyone, and I am also proud that she is mine, and she bears the surname Ootori.

She will be fine, Kyoya-senpai . . . Kaoru sighed.

. . . she can handle herself with those rich bastards Hikaru chuckled. I smiled at them and nodded.

Indeed, she was Haruhi Fujioka-Ootori after all I smirked as I looked at the flow of the program.

Then, the twins started the program . . .

Ladies and gentlemen! We thank you for coming tonight on his important birthday, and of course, the baby shower of his first son, Kichirou. We welcome you our birthday celebrant, the CEO of Ootori Medical Group, Mr. Kyoya Ootori! the twins chorused as they welcomed me in an uproar of applause in the hall. I can see my host family from the foot of the stage, my brothers Akito and Yuuichi, my sister Fuyumi, my father and her father, and of course, my wife who was very alluring this night. I was given a chance to speak in front of everybody.

Thank you Hikaru and Kaoru. I appreciate that you hosted this birthday party for me. Well, I didnt know that they planed all of this, to the extent of my host club family. Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru, Takashi and Mitsukuni-senpai and to my beautiful wife who bears our first born who is very alluring right now, I cant thank you enough for all the things weve been going through. To my family, my father, Yoshio Ootori, to my brothers Yuuichi and Akito and even my sister, Fuyumi, you mold me into something that from who I am right now. I really do thank you for everything that you did to me, and I know that our family tradition is changed by this extraordinary woman we met along the way when I was in my high school days with my host club family, she was the rose among us sharp thorns. She was really adorable, charming and smart. Now look at her, she survived challenges that ahead of her, and she would never change. May I present to you, my wife, Haruhi Fujioka Ootori

I assisted her to her steps, carefully climbing the stage stairs. She bowed at everybody.

Its really a pleasure to see you at my husbands birthday. Youre getting older, sweetheart

They all laughed. As expected of my wife.

Throughout the years of looking on his existence, I can say that . . . hes really a determined man. As the third son of Yoshio Ootori, my father-in-law, there are many of you knows who will be his new successor. There was a couple, who says that he doesnt stand a chance on winning the next patriarch of the family. Thanks to you both, he achieved that goal, and yes, with no words coming from his mouth, he suffers most of the time studying hard in Ouran Private Academy. Thus where I met him, and through the years I am observing him, there is no doubt that he must impress you all, and especially his dearest father and siblings that hes more capable of what he can do.

The people are murmuring in the ball. My dad was pretty shocked. He still don't know that Haruhi was really sharp-tongued when she's pissed off.

"Sorry if I just say this once, but if you want to be blunt with people around you, do a good blow that will make you tear them apart, and that's what my husbnd is doing all over the years. If there's a single thing that I am proud of, is my husband being soft in spite of all the coldness he received from each one of you here right now. . . "

Her tears fell in her eyes, I wiped her ters and she continued talking.

"That's why Kyoya, love, don't ever change. Make your discouragements and expectations as your source of determination to achieve higher goals in life. Look at you right now, you are the CEO of the company at the age of 23, and even you have everybody. You also have Kichirou and me. I love you, Kyoya, and always I will. Happy birthday!"

She was chuckling as she kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her and our baby who was still in my wife's belly. I can hear everyone's "awws" as the twins were given our family a priviledge to say a message one-by-one to me.

As we stepped down from the stage, many people are approaching me, saying that they admired my prowess in hitting people indirectly. They praised my father-in-law for finding a fine matriarch of the Ootori family.

"It wasn't me either. It was my son who find her first" I chuckled as laughter covered in out circle.

"Congratulations, Attorney Ootori! You're having a bouncing baby boy!"one of the board of trustees lend her hands to me to shake it. She shook hands with her and smiled.

"Well, the two grandfathers are eager to have a grandson earlier than they expected" Haruhi answered as Yoshio-otou-sama smirked back at us. The crowd laughed as he tries to hide his face in embarassment.

"What would you want to be your son's future? Will he takes corporate business? Law? Medicine?" The other board of trustee asked.

"I prefer my son to choose his profession by himself. Of course, my father will make him take courses that what our child suits best. Just look how he handled me in an excellent way" I smiled as the other board of trustee nodded his head.

As some were dancing, eating and merrying around, I was on the garden of the Ootori estate, sitting and relaxing, thinking of my wife's Just hang in there, Kichirou. Soon, you will be coming out and you will see the beauty of the nature here. As Haruhi walked in, he sat on my side as I rested my head on her tummy to hear our son's heartbeat.

"Kichirou . . . Mommy and daddy can't wait to see you" I whispered to my wife's tummy as she chuckled that we felt that our baby kicked.

"Kyoya . . ." She squeaked

"Yes?" I replied

"Maybe we should go back right now. The party will be stop without you around" my wife smiled as I made her lie in my lap.

"Are you tired, love?" I asked her as she nodded her head.

"Well, you know what I really need, Kyoya" she smiled as I kissed her forehead. She squeaked as she made me bend lower as her lips met mine. When we break our kiss, she smiled and relieved a big sigh. We rise from our seat and heading back to the hall while our hands entwined.

We were on the way opening our baby shower gifts for our baby. My wife chuckled at what the people gave to our future son. She was taking a break as I opened my gifts. So, she was chuckling at me, looking on the gifts, and one of the idiots just gave me a small box of keychain. It was an elegant keychain for our family car, engrave to the back When the chauffer forgets to fetch your baby home. Huehuehue. Tamaki

Oh, why thank you, Tamaki. That was very helpful. He was whimpering like a dog on the side of the hall, as usual. What should I expect from my only best friend?

She was staring at me while I am opening my gifts to the guests. I have the best gift right now, and its the life of my very beautiful wife, carrying another present for me for approximately nine months.

Haruhi . . . Takashi-senpai tapped her shoulder.

. . . You are bleeding my father gasped.

Suddenly, Haruhi was yelping in pain, grasping her tummy. I can see her tears falling in her eyes. I think . . .

Kyoya! Help . . . me! Hes coming! I can feel him that hes going out she explained as she was succumbing in pain. I immediately carry her in my arms and looked scared. Tamaki patted my head.

Hes coming out, Kyoya. Dont be scared. God has given her second chance to live for you and Ichi. Please be strong he whispered on my ear. My father was shocked at how Haruhi breathes abnormally.

Kyoya, she cant make it to the hospital. She can possibly deliver the child here in the mansion my father explained.

Kyoya, find the nearest room! Please, give me boiling water, clips and a medical scissor. Dont forget the needle and the medical thread Akito-nii-san instructed to the maids as we rushed in the nearest room. Haruhi was now crying in pain. I need to calm her down. I made her lie on the bed, sit on her side, holding her trembling hand.

Kyoya . . . am I gonna die again? she sobbed. I caress her head and kissed her trembling hands.

You are not, love. You will have Ichi soon in your arms. Please be strong for us! I reassure her as I kissed her in the forehead. I covered her with a blanket as father instructed her to take a deep breath and push as she can. Yuuichi-onii-sama pushed her tummy as Akito-onii-sama arrived from the room with the maids for all the needs before and after the delivery.

Push Haruhi! Father instructed. Her hands clenched, her back arched in pain as Yuuichi-nii-san and Akito-nii-san control her movements. After a few seconds, Yuuichi asked dad.

Is there a crowning?

Yes, Yuuichi. Haruhi dear, please bear it a little longer. Hes coming out from any moment

Father, I will be fine Haruhi smiled weakly at my dad. He smiled and instructed to push again.

Love, you can do it. Please be strong enough for us and Ichi I whispered in her ear as she was battling for life and death.

You can do it, sis! My sister cheered for her while daddy was really tensed in his seat. He was really nervous on how will Haruhi handle her delivery.

I know that you can do that, Haruhi. We believe in you Tamaki yelped in the doorstep.

Relax and contract Yuuichi-nii-san eased her tension and continues to push her limits.

Think of the babys health, dear Haruhi. Push it! Akito-nii-san added, making Haruhi stronger.

After a few pushing, we heard a babys loud cry. . .

Those tears that I have been hiding all my life suddenly pouring into my eyes as I can see my wife huffing in pain. She was crying when she saw the baby moving while crying in my father's arms. Haruhi's father was hushing the baby while he was smiling sweetly to his first grandson. Everyone was silent. As dad put Ichi in my wife's arms, she was smiling weakly and chuckling. She was hushing the baby, in which the baby calmed down. She passed the baby to me, smiling while her tears fell in her eyes.

"Happy birthday love. I hope you like our gift" she wailed.

As I carry the baby into my arms, I feel that my world shifted in a different path. I am no longer empty. I am already complete, and Ichi is the final piece of what Haruhi and I built. The baby was peacefully reaching for my cheeks when I lifted him a little and said . . .

"Welcome to the world, Kichirou Ootori"

The crowd outside gone wild as they were keeping on congratulating us, but our private police is indeed vigilant in this situation. They keep the guests secluded from the room in which where we are right now. As father injected the anaesthetic on her spine, dad carefully sew the stitches and she was quivering. As it was done, she was feeding the baby with her breast and gladly, Ichi was opening his eyes for the first time.

"Look Kyoya, his eyes" Haruhi smiled as she was staring at Ichi's eyes.

His eyes are onyx-colored, his skin was as porcelain as silk and his lips was same as mine.

A perfect genetic clone of me.

"My gosh! A little Kyoya Junior! How cute!" Daddy Ranka squealed as he was assisting Haruhi on handling the baby while sitting on the other side.

"My, my Kyoya! What a lovely child! What would you name him?" Fuyumi-onee-sama asked.

"We will name the baby Kichirou" Haruhi answerd weakly.

"Hello there, Ichi-kun! I am your Fuyumi-oba-chan! We will be playing from time to time, okay?" Fuyumi-nee- sama smiled at the baby as he cooed back at her.

"I guess that would be your reply" she chuckled as the both of us smiled at each other. The other maids are preparing for the crib, clothes and things used for taking care of the baby, since Haruhi and I will be staying here in the mansion not until her stitches are completely healed.

It may be a long journey, but this is the fruit of our labor and love. I am happy that he was born on the same date as me, and I am glad that the mother of my child is the only girl I loved for the rest of my life.


- - -


Taking care of Ichi was not an easy task. For I don't know anything about taking care of an infant, in which Haruhi and I shared a classic quality time together with the baby.

"Ichi . . . Daddy is here!

I was on the doorstep when my wife and my son were on the sofa, playing. Ichi cooed back at me as Haruhi chuckled. I went to the sofa to sit beside them. Putting my briefcase and my coat aside, I place my weary arms on my wifes warm shoulders. It was really relaxing, indeed after a very long, tiring day.

Welcome home, love. How was the company going?

Do you mean that five-hour proposal meeting? It was really disastrous and impeccable, love. I was hurrying my pace all the way home to be with you two right now

Haruhi was smiling at me as she gave me the sweetest kiss she always gives me. I kiss her back passionately as we break it slowly. I carried the baby in my arms. Ichis features were really fragile, so I carefully snuggle him up in my arms and kissed him in the cheek.

How was our baby boy? Did you take good care of mommy? Good, Ichi I whispered as I placed the tip of my nose to his neck and Ichi back.

It was time for him to sleep, darling. I just finished making him burp after I feed him with my breastmilk. Do you want to make him sleep? Haruhi asked as Ichi cooed softly.

You know, I am not good when it comes to babysitting, so is she. We were learning it together, thats why I never hold back when I say that I really dont know how. I was always saved by the mothers instinct.

You know Kyoya, lower down you voice, hum the gentlest melody that you can by breathing in a normal pace, then with all your heart, give him the sweetest lullaby that you can give she whispered in my ear.

We went to our room. Sitting at the edge of our California king bed with the sleepy infant, Haruhi went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Leaving the two of us in the room, I take a deep breath and let it out, then the next thing I do was humming the same lullaby that my wife was humming me when at times that I cant sleep. After swinging my son slowly as the breeze back and forth in my arms and a sweet lullaby for ten minutes, he was fast asleep. I kiss him first on his forehead after I place him softly on his comfortable crib.

Wow, I never realize that Ichi feels more comfortable on you than me Haruhi surprised me as she was leaning on the door.

You were. . .  spying on me while I am making Kichirou sleep I was shocked at her reaction while she hugging back at me. She was the softest cuddly teddy bear that I had: she smells strawberries all over. Placing my arms around her, I put my head on her neck and smell her scent. She was giggling all over as she put her arms on the nape of my neck.

I know you were up to something. . . I whispered at her as I put a sinister smile on my face.

And I know that you can do it. Remember Kyoya, you are an Ootori who changed and bend the rules of your clan. You dont need to be stoic or to be cold to anyone anymore. Okay? You have us and Kichirou, okay? Dont you ever forget that I am still here for you, and I love you so much that you can ever imagine She smirked back at me as kisses start to rain on her neck as her hands was running on the back of my polo. We carefully break it and laughed. She begins to detangle my blue striped necktie that she gave me on my birthday three months ago.

I think, I will finish cooking dinner she chuckled.

Maybe, after we finish our unfinished business, love. An Ootori never leaves unfinished business behind, remember that I whispered at her as I close the door of our bedroom.

I couldnt agree more she replied as she turned off the lights.

When She Loved Me (Chapter 17)
Another update! Yay! I think I've fainted. 
When She Loved Me (Chapter 17) is available on :iconkyoyaharuhi: and ! :happybounce:

Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5]

I will keep the description short (since I am in a hurry xD)
This story is now down on its epilogue in any week! thank you for supporting my first fanfic all along! I Love you guys! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]


Through her courage and determination, Haruhi Fujioka graduated Law from Tokyo Integrated University with her best friend, Takashi Morinozuka. They were been together since Kotoko Fujioka, Haruhi's mother become Morinozuka Family's attorney until her death. Takashi sweared to Kotoko's grave that he will protect Haruhi with all cost, thus, a Morinozuka's oath cannot be broken.

"Takashi-onii-sama, ohayo!" Haruhi greeted as she was walking through the door of their three-year company named "Morinozuka and Fujioka Law Firm". Their mission is to help people to acquire justice without thinking of expensive payment.

"Ohayo, Haruhi" Takashi greeted as he carefully peck a kiss on his kouhai's forehead. The brunette girl squeaked in glee. She always dreaming of having Takashi with her in his arms, but what she can do? Takashi is going to be married to a cosplay diva, Renge Hoshakuji. She was never been compared to our heroine: Haruhi was just a lawyer with beauty and brains combined. When she was able to confess her true feelings to his senpai, Takashi went first to inform her that he is already engaged to Renge after their secret six-year relationship. She was able to bear the pain, but the only thing that she could do is to let Takashi-onii-sama go and be happy in their upcoming wedding.  She would keep those memories and feelings in her heart and buried it somewhere that she could forget.

"Are there new clients today?" Haruhi asked as she was sitting on her comfortable office chair to review file cases on her desk.

"Yes, I would like you to take over this case on Suou Enterprises about their legal issues with their taxes. Would you mind them fix it for me?" Takashi asked.

"Sure. Do you have any appointments today?" She asked again as she was reviewing the Suou Enterprises' case folder. Takashi just nodded and an "aah" in reply.

Oh yes, their wedding will be in three days from now. She just realized that her tears fell down from her cheeks.

"Is something wrong, Haruhi?" Takashi asked as she immediately wiping her tears and yet it won't stop. Yes, he will be married to her fianceè in three days, and what's worse? She was the maid of honor for their wedding. The tears of a broken heart can't be easily stopped. Alas! The unrequited love was painful indeed for our heroine.

"Nothing, onii-sama. I just remembered okaa-sama. I wish she is with us right now" It was always her alibi to hide away her affections, in which Takashi never knew about it.

"You have me, Haruhi. You always knew that I always love you" It was Takashi's reply to her always whenever she needs assurance. But what he can do? He will be a married man in three days time, so he will leave Haruhi in someone who is very capable to take care of her for the rest of her life.

"I wish it was always true, onii-sama . . . Your feelings for me, I wish it was passionate enough to be absolute, but I need to let you go. . . I am sorry. . ."

It was always her plea. It is only for the best for our heroine to let her one and only puppy love go, but it was for the best of all things. But, only God knows everything a person desires. Who knows? Someone will be designated to change her fate.

Lady Marmalade (Prologue)
A new fan fiction is born! Yay! Snow Party 
Lady Marmalade (Prologue) is now available on :iconkyoyaharuhi: and Peach trophy 1

Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something Say Something 

If you're asking what the story is all about, here's the synopsis ~ Frog Emoji-58 (Yay) [V3] 

Haruhi Fujioka, the Japan’s best attorney, owner of Morinozuka-Fujioka Law Firm was catching a ghost killer who killed her best friend, Renge Housakuji, who was killed the day of her wedding. After she let go of the unrequited love that she had for his senior, Takashi Morinozuka, who is going to be married to Renge, she was able to focus on the case instead to help bring justice to her best friend. Left heart-broken, Takashi was confined in a hospital due to his depression, leaving Haruhi to solve the case together with a forensic scientist and the CEO of Ootori Medical Group, Kyoya Ootori. Accepting the mission, they were in this together through thick and thin to find evidences and witnesses to bring justice once and for all. What Kyoya didn’t know is that Haruhi was working on an undercover under the codename, ”Operation- Lady Marmalade, transformed by her childhood friends: the World’s Best Beauty and Fashion Experts, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitaachin, and the Technology Scientist, Mitsukuni  Haninozuka, into the most alluring woman in the club called “La Voie Lactée“ (The Milky Way), in which the killer was last spotted with the victim, told by an anonymous informant goes by the name of “The Shadow King”. But as the case is still running, The Shadow King and Kyoya Ootori will be captured into Lady Marmalade’s Spell. Will Haruhi bring her best friend’s death to justice? Will Kyoya find out that Lady Marmalade’s weakness was him? Will the end of the case brings peace to Takashi? -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Inspired from the song "Lady Marmalade" is a song by the group Labelle. It was written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan, and produced by Allen Toussaint and Vicki Wickham. It was released on August 3, 1974 as the first single from the album Nightbirds.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope ya like it guys!


Characters (c) Ouran High School Host Club / Bisco Hatori
Illustrations and Plot (c)erichi25
Song (c) Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan/ Labelle (1974)

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