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So . . . It's a busy week for me ! ! ! Hello again guys! :happybounce:
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Since I am working on the digital pages of my new KyoHaru Manga called "Kokuhaku" (Confession) and writing for "Lady Marmalade", I didn't expect that the readers' reactions were heart-warming and touching! Thank you so much! ! ! feddy fizzbare!

Speaking of which, I would also like to thank for :iconiamanelebiscarra: for featuring me in :iconcollabcollector:'s Journal this Week! ~ *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 

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5 In 1 Hearts -FreeToUse  For the last week's journal Mission Success for my First Digital Manga Page!Hello, everyone! Love 
Last week was really awesome and was so great (having my late post because I prioritized a manga page sequel CURSE YOU! ), so Sorry for that Sweating a little... 
Anyways, first of all, I want to thank everybody for watching me, giving me llamas, and supporting my artworks by liking, faving and commenting on my artworks! It was really appreciated! Huggle! 
Let's Start the Appreciation Corner first before I hop on to my weekly journal! ~ La la la la 
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5 In 1 Hearts -FreeToUse So, possibly the manga panels/pages and the three chapters will be posted next week. It was really a hard time for me, so please, keep in mind that I am in my house, doing all the household chores and
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So, toddle-loo for now! ~ Will be back for a week after the writings and drawings posted here in my page ~ Huehuehe Whoosh


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Case 4: Out of My League


For three days, Renge’s body was cremated after the police gather evidence, and then she was buried, leaving a small bottle for Takashi. As to our widowed groom, he didn’t wake up yet from his coma. Haruhi wants to give up, but gladly there was everybody to cheer her up, but Kyoya is nowhere to be found after their affirmation to each other that they love each other. He didn’t even return for a call, or a text. When she calls, no one answers the phone. She tries on his Skype and emailing him, but there is no response. It made her more depressed. She drained her cellphone battery and incubating herself in her apartment.


But she never said that she hated him or something like that. She even knows that she wasn't his partner to be worried so much about. Until the morning of the fourth day came upon the twins and her foster brother, Mitsukuni sneak in our heroine’s apartment. She was asleep in this time of day after Renge’s burial yesterday. She even has a small bottle like his father that contains Renge’s ashes.


“Haruhi . . . wake up!” the heroine’s dream was shrugged as two inscrutable twins wake her up. She silently huff off her slumber and rise up from her bed.


“Haru-chan, hurry! We need to discuss things, too!” Mitsukuni jumped over Haruhi’s feet that makes our heroine widely awake.


“Kunii-onii-sama? What are you three doing here?” she immediately gets her wide silver eye glasses and put it on the bride of her nose since she wasn’t using eye contacts.


“Is there someone who was sleeping in the couch?” she quickly asked. The three boys shook their head.


“Was there someone sleep in there last night?” Hikaru asked. Haruhi quickly shook her head.


“I thought father came home last night after a conference in a nearby hotel” she sighed while her stomach’s grumbling. She always thought that Kyoya was there to wake her up, but he was nowhere to be found in the last four days. The three boys chuckled.


“We already cooked for your late breakfast, young woman. Don’t worry. We didn’t crash your place for something” Kaoru smiled at Haruhi, as our heroine invited them to eat with her. The three boys have no choice but to eat with her.


While they were eating, Haruhi opened the topic:


“What do you want for me to discuss?” she asks the two boys. Mitsukuni cleared his throat and opened his sequence.


“Since it was conflict of interest, we can’t get in the case. But, there is only one way for you to get in . . .”


“How, Kuni-onii-sama?” excited, our heroine can’t wait for his foster brother’s solution.


“To be someone else who is elite and all the brains . . .” Mitsukuni proposed.


“In other words . . .” Hikaru started.


“ . . . you need to pretend to be someone else . . .” Kaoru concluded.


“. . . Leave everything you have and to be that someone else to be in that case” the twins said in chorus, leaves Mitsukuni nodded on their conclusion. Our heroine’s face can’t be painted.


“Actually, this is what our fathers planned about this. It is a secret mission for the four of us, but you will be the main key to solve Renge’s case, since you know best when it comes to her” Mitsukuni added as he chew his last spoonful of pork curry.


“Does ‘Haruhi Fujioka’ need to be dead and change her name, interests and way of thinking?” she concluded. The three boys nodded.


“Give me time to say goodbye to everybody before I begin this mission. You have plans for killing ‘Haruhi Fujioka’ right?” she asked. Mitsukuni nodded.


“With today’s technology, I can fake people’s death especially forensic scientists like Kyoya Ootori can’t decipher” Mitsukuni added.


She froze. She needs to be far away from him. He stared the three boys for a while then she finished eating her breakfast.


“You fell in love with Kyoya, don’t you?” Mitsukuni asked. She never answered back.


“I give you three days to say goodbye to everybody. Keep your phone open” he answered as he gave a new phone.


“Haruhi, we will be waiting for you on the private airport. Make sure that you are prepared to leave EVERYTHING behind before ‘Haruhi Fujioka’ gets killed in that day. I assume that Kyoya will be following you, so, I will be faking your death so that you will not be followed by any Ootori Private Police” Mitsukuni smiled.


“We will head first, baby girl. We will take care of your things first before you are leaving to Milan and change everything on who you are and of what you were before” Kaoru smiled. Hikaru didn’t say any word, and then the three boys left the apartment.


Then, as Haruhi washed the plates and took a bath, she made an unacceptable decision as her tears fell down on her cheeks.


Late in the afternoon, she hurriedly went to her Camry and drive all the way to the Ootori Medical Hospital where Takashi was still in the intensive care unit. He still didn't wake up from the comatose state. As she entered the private room, no one was there. The family bodyguards knew Haruhi all along, that’s why they made Haruhi enter in the room.


“Takashi-nii . . . I’m home” she greeted Takashi upon entering the room. She stared the near-to-lifeless Takashi, caresses his cheek. Her tears fell in her eyes. It was the most painful thing she can see in his foster brother.


“You said that I mustn't cry, right? I promised, but I can’t help it” she whispered and hugged him carefully as tears fell down on her cheeks. She wiped it, sat on the chair and she whispered all what she said.


“Takashi-nii. I know that you are widely awake. Hear me out. Kuni-nii and the twins have a way for me to get inside this case. I will need the whole transformation, and you know what it is. I will take revenge on those culprits who kill Renge. Don’t worry, Takashi-nii, I will be fine. I will do anything to bring peace on her soul. I will be going to Milan in three days to change everything I am. While I am gone, I will make sure that you will know me. I know that this thing will be tough for you and everybody else, but please tell Kyoya when you wake up: The girl that he loves didn’t break her promise” she whispered unto her brother’s ear. She takes a deep breath before she confesses something to her brother. She lowered her head down to make her lips near her brother’s ear and started her confession.


“Before I go, Takashi-nii, don’t forget that I will be always here for you . . . but the unrequited love I had for you has gone. Don’t worry, I will be fine. Kyoya shouldered everything for me. Thanks for everything. I love you, Takashi-nii” she smiled as she kissed his brother on the forehead then leaves the room.


Then, her phone rings. The Pink Clam Phone. She flipped at and when she sees an unknown number on the phone, she answered it immediately.


“This is Attorney Haruhi Fujioka. To whom I am speaking to?” she asked.


“Thank goodness it was you, Attorney Fujioka. I am Seizaburo Tachibana, one of Ootori’s Family Staff and Kyoya-sama’s personal bodyguard. Please go to your car now and I will be giving you instructions. Please don’t drop the call, I humbly beg you” he instructed. Her heart was beating as fast as she could breathe. She senses something not good on the call.


As she attached her earphones to the phone and hurriedly drive the car, she asked Tachibana:


“What do you want from me, Tachibana-san?”


“Kyoya-sama instructed me to follow you until we arrived in the location . . .” he answered our heroine. She had no choice but to follow the guy. Fifteen minutes later and Tachibana ordered to park the car. She parked the car near the Law Firm Building where she was working and Tachibana made our heroine ride in the limousine where Tachibana was driving.


It was really silent inside the limousine. All windows are hardly tinted so she couldn’t see a thing. Two hours later, the limousine stopped. Upon opening the door of the limousine, she was amazed on what she saw . . . Ashikaga Flower Park.


Her jaws literally went down. There are three reasons: one, because she was in Tochigi right now; two, she’s away from Tokyo and to everybody; and three, Kyoya arranged everything for this just to see her.


“That rich bastard. . .” Haruhi said to herself.


They went inside the park and escorted her all the way to the Cherry Blossom fields where tulips and Spiraea was in full bloom and everything was glowing through the lights placed on the trees and the whole garden of flowers. He paid for the whole area so that no people can trespass them. She was so shocked and amazed on how this rich bastard can do. Walking in the tulip path, she can see Kyoya from afar on the center of the garden.


It's her hair and her eyes today

That just simply take me away

And the feeling that I'm falling further in love

Makes me shiver but in a good way


When she was still walking near Kyoya, she can’t help it but ran all the way towards him. Her tears can’t stop falling from her eyes as she run and run until she can embrace Kyoya in her arms. Kyoya welcomed her with open arms as they hugged each other in the middle of the field.


“Where have you been? I have been so much worried about you for not visiting me for four days” Haruhi’s fainting voice was making Kyoya hushing her.


“My father suddenly called me for a meeting overseas. I didn’t even say a word because he throws my phone away, now I bought one to contact you. That’s why I made you went all the way here to get rid of the heat of Tokyo, and for my father as well” he said as he was hugging her tightly in his arms.


All the times I have sat and stared

As she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair

And she purses her lips, bats her eyes and she plays,

With me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say


“Let’s eat dinner first before we go discussing things” he added as they sit on the picnic blanket. There, Kyoya gave Haruhi her bento box in which our heroine was amazed upon opening it: there was a bunch of ootoro on the first box, then a heart furikake (food seasoning), bacon, artichoke fried roll, hamburger steak and lettuces, carrots and sliced corn cobs in the other box. They went silent when they eat their dinner. Haruhi feels like there is got to be an insecurity complex in cooking because it was heavenly delicious.


After they eat their luxurious meal, Kyoya and Haruhi lie in the picnic blanket while listening to his mp3 player. On the top of that, he made her lie on his right shoulder while watching the twinkling stars in a clear, black sky. He rested his cheek on the crown of her head while she rested her cheek on his comfortable arm.



'Cause I love her with all that I am

And my voice shakes along with my hands

Cause she's all that I see and she's all that I need

And I'm out of my league once again


“Did you cook the bento?” she asked as Kyoya faced her with a blush on his cheeks. He just nodded. Haruhi can’t help it but to chuckle softly.


“You know, Kyoya, loosen up a bit. Selfie?” she asked and his face looks confused.


“You don’t know what selfie is?” she was shocked as the boy shook his head. She just smiled and opened his phone, and there our heroine was shocked. It was the white furisode while she dances on the Morinozuka Estate on the first time he saw her. Her cheeks gone red too, so she hid it in her hands. Our young scientist was shocked.



She opened her phone and went to camera mode. Kyoya can’t help it but to smile as they both smiled at each other. They take a deep breath, draw themselves together: Kyoya putting his arms on her shoulders and he made Haruhi rest on his shoulder and then, he snatched the camera to take a picture.


“That’s no fair!” she chuckled after he took some pictures. Kyoya’s reaction seems that she was enjoying the night.


It's a masterful melody when she calls out my name to me

As the world spins around her she laughs,

Rolls her eyes and I feel like I'm falling

But it's no surprise


“We’re not done yet, love . . .” he answered as he gets his phone. Our heroine was blushing so hard.


“Since when did you get that picture?” she asked, and she remembered on the first Saturday of the first day of March when he went to the Morinozuka Estate.


Did our heroine hide her feelings from the start? Or, she didn’t realize it sooner?


“Did he just say ‘love’?” – She whispered to herself with the complete red face as a reaction.


“Can I take picture with you?” he asks, and she nods. What a simple response from the Japan’s best attorney.


After, they took few shots on his phone, and then, Kyoya responded . . .


“Haruhi . . . one last shot . . . ready?” he asked, and then she nods. This time, Kyoya is so close to our heroine’s cheeks as he starts the countdown. When the countdown ends, Kyoya slowly kissed Haruhi in the cheeks while he captures the moment on the phone.


Haruhi squeaked in embarrassment as Kyoya chuckled at her.


“Got you!” he added. Haruhi’s red cheeks were hidden in her candle-like fingers. Kyoya was staring at her. He carefully removes her hands, and entwines it with his.


'Cause I love her with all that I am

And my voice shakes along with my hands

'Cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea

But I'd rather be here than on land

Yes she's all that I see and she's all that I need

And I'm out of my league once again.


“Haruhi . . . I’ve been waiting for you to give this . . .” he uttered as he flash a diamond ring on his hand. Our heroine was shocked.


“You mean . . .” she asks. Kyoya can’t help it but to nod in embarrassment: he was lost in words right now, bringing that gesture to her. In response, she just nods and chuckled.


“I know it’s fast, but yeah, I can’t help it but you got me, rich bastard” she chuckled as Kyoya’s stare at her intensifies. He wants to shout out loud in the garden, but he doesn’t want to lose his cool. He can’t help it but chuckle as his tears fell on his cheeks. Wearing it on her left middle finger, their heart beats synchronizing that it makes them so hard to breathe. Putting his warm hands cupping on her cheeks, Kyoya can’t hold any longer, so is our heroine.


“I love you, Haruhi” he whispered as he moves his face a centimeter closer to our heroine’s embarrassed face. Haruhi placed his hand on his chest and smiled.


“I am yours Kyoya, and nothing can take you away from me” she replied. Kyoya just smirked as he rest his forehead on hers.


“Promise?” he asks as he rest the tip of his nose to hers.


“I promise. It would be a lifetime commitment, Kyoya. I love you too” she answered as both of them chuckled. Kyoya made the first move as he softly placed his warm lips on hers, in which Haruhi gladly accept and responded by kissing him back. Their feelings exploded in different colors in which they hide to each other for so long.


It's her hair and her eyes today

That just simply take me away

And the feeling that I'm falling further in love makes me shiver, but in a good way

All the times I have sat and stared

As she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair

As she purses her lips, bats her eyes

And she plays with me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say


After that, Kyoya breaks their first kiss. The both of them were panting for lacking of oxygen. They just chuckled to each other as Haruhi was asking for another kiss. Her new boyfriend grants her request as Kyoya deepens the kiss. Haruhi was taking his kiss seriously as the both of them slide their tongues in a passionate way. After for a minute and a half, they break their kiss as they both panting again.


Then, the fun stopped when Kyoya’s phone rang.


“What on earth . . .” he fussed as Haruhi looked at him. But, Kyoya refuses to answer the phone. Haruhi’s left brow was rising, questioning him mentally why he didn’t answer the phone. Kyoya doesn’t have any choice but to answer the phone.


“Kyoya-sama, there are flock of birds watching you from any corner who was spying on you two. We already take them down, but you and Attorney Fujioka’s safety is utmost regarded. I think you need to go right now and get her back to her apartment before some reinforcements from the enemy arrived” Tachibana reported. He sighed and replied . . .


“Sure . . . just get the car ready” then, he closed the phone. He made Haruhi stand up the grass and carries her in his arms.

“Kyoya . . . what was the problem?” Haruhi questioned her new boyfriend why they were walking off the scene. Driving her home, they feel so silent on each other.


Awkward, indeed.


“Kyoya, I demand an explanation why on earth we are on the top speed tonight?” she was panicking right now as Kyoya hold her hand and take a deep breath.


“Love; there are people who are monitoring us 24/7, if you are asking. There is someone who is preying us as a next target, so I will be watching you throughout the night until first thing tomorrow when I get back to work, okay?” Kyoya is making our heroine assured that she is always safe in his arms until they got home.


As Haruhi was reaching for the keys, Kyoya was watching around the corner of the hall, if someone was watching.


“Kyoya . . . are you sleeping tonight in the apartment?” Haruhi asked her boyfriend as he holds her other hand as he opened the door. Reaching for the light switch, Kyoya made Haruhi changed in her room as he called Tachibana for a tighter security around the apartment complex.


“Yes, I do, love. I brought my clothes and I need a bubble bath. I don’t want you to question how I stink from the things I did throughout the day” he smiled as his new girlfriend chuckled. Kyoya went his way to the comfort room as Haruhi called him.


“Kyoya . . .” his attention quickly responded as Haruhi went to him as she gives the specific shampoo for him and a bottle of lavender-chamomile body wash. She smiled as she snatched a kiss from him that left our young scientist shocked as Haruhi run all the way from her room.


“That was so quick . . . but I like her doing that” – he whispered to himself as he closed the bath room door and went for a quick shower and a warm bubble bath.


Sinking himself on the bath tub and removing his eyeglasses, he questioned himself as he review things that he did a few hours ago.


Was I too fast for her to tell how I really felt? It was just two weeks . . . Was it wrong?”


“Nope, it wasn’t wrong to tell how you really feel. It would be hard for you, too, especially for a slow and dense girl like me” Haruhi answered behind the door. She was listening the whole time. Kyoya was blushing.


“You were . . . listening?” he asked.


“Would I answer if I didn’t heard your question?” she chuckled which it doubled the temperature of the bath room. He soaked himself in the water then went up again after a few seconds.


“Haruhi . . . is it wrong to rush everything especially when you are in love with the girl you love?” he asked our heroine. Haruhi was lost for words upon hearing that.


“You . . . you know, I can relate on how you feel right now . . . I know it was too early for us to be in this stage, but with . . . with you . . . I don’t know . . . I don’t want you to let go of me” she uttered. At this point, Kyoya hurriedly dried himself out and dressed in pajamas and matching cotton polo shirt. He opened the door of the bath room and he saw Haruhi leaning on the wall in front of the bath room door.


The fluffy slippers were squeaking against the floor as he made Haruhi stand up and hugged her tight.


“I don’t want to let go of you either . . . promise me that you will never let go of me” he whispered on her ear. She giggled as he brought her once again in his arms as they went in her bedroom.


'Cause I love her with all that I am

And my voice shakes along with my hands

'Cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea

But I'd rather be here than on land

Yes she's all that I see and she's all that I need

And I'm out of my league once again

Lady Marmalade (Case 4)
And here's the last chapter for this week! Tamako Kitashirakawa (That's a relief) [V1] 
It's really hard to catch up things this week: With two pages for Kokuhaku and two chapters for Lady Marmalade, it's a complete mind-blowing week for me! APH England sigh of relief 

As for the announcement, I will be putting this story on hiatus for two weeks in preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year. It would be tons of events for me to handle and some projects too ~ WHAT? 

But if you are asking about Kokuhaku, it would be also be put on hiatus for two weeks. What? 

So, I really need to catch up on some events on our production group! It really helps me to think a lot, one of the sources of my inspiration and hard work! :iconohyoublushplz: 

:drummer: ~ So, I will fix the internet as long as I can for the meantime that I will be not updating any of my works for two weeks. It's lagging when it turns out to be one of the most annoying things that would simply annoys me off during work time :lag: 

I hope you will understand my circumstances.

Case 3: Conflict of Interests


Kyoya went to the scene, performing defibrillation on the bride. With many attempts, Takashi shrugged his wife to encourage her to stay with him. But, Kyoya was puzzled after how many attempts. Haruhi was on his brother’s side, crying.


“Takashi . . . we just lost her” Kyoya sighed.


Tears falling in his eyes, he shrugged his wife again.


“Renge . . . PLEASE! NO! NO! We are just starting . . . Don’t leave me! NOOOOOOOOOO!” his grieving shriek left each one on the crime scene haunted. He hugged his wife close to him, as he just lost his other half from the beginning of their new chapter. As the armed forces were deployed to search the assassin on the place, Haruhi was hurt. Indeed, it was her beloved brother’s bride and her best friend. The twins were crying as they hug Haruhi.


“I’m sorry Takashi-senpai . . . I . . .” Kyoya muttered as Haruhi hold his left hand as her tears fell down in her eyes.


“She . . . she’s gone. My best . . .friend . . . Why?” she wants to run towards Renge but Takashi stopped him. She was in a complete breakdown of losing one of the most important people in her life. She suddenly sat on the dirty pavement as tears fell in her eyes. The moment that Takashi wants to stand up and comfort Haruhi, Kyoya went in to hug her instead.


“There’s nothing you can do, Haruhi. She’s gone” said Kyoya as he made a tight hug for Haruhi not to escape the scene. She sobbed and cried as Takashi’s tears went down to his eyes silently. He caresses Renge’s cold cheeks with his left hand covered in blood. His white suit and pants were covered in blood. There’s nothing he can’t do right now.


“Kyoya . . .” Takashi called.


“Yes?” Kyoya answered as he was still hugging Haruhi. She rest on his chest in which Kyoya was shocked. He met Takashi’s sharp gazes of agony and pain.


“Take the twins and my little sister to the hospital for a psychological test. They need medical attention. At least, this is what I can do to protect the people I love” he said as he laid Renge on the pavement. Kyoya nodded and do what he was instructed to.


Ten minutes later, police came in as they lay number cards around the crime scene area as Takashi went to the police precinct to assist in the case, while Kyoya assisted Haruhi and the twins on a nearest Ootori Medical Hospital to conduct psychological test. Kyoya drove the Camry as the twins assisted Haruhi to sit in the back seat since she was still in shock on what happened to Renge earlier.


“Hikaru, Kaoru . . .” she whispered in the air as the twins comforted her in the back seat of the Camry while Kyoya drives the car.


“We must stay intact, Haruhi. We need to be closer. This serves as a lesson for the three of us. We need to stay together” Kaoru said as he lean on Haruhi’s shoulder. Hikaru was caressing Haruhi’s head as he wiped her tears away.


“Kaoru’s right, Haruhi. We need to keep safe. We need to go overseas in order to protect ourselves from here after the burial. . .” he added.


“No, I can’t. My life was already here: my work, my family and of course, you guys. I swear to Renge to bring justice, no matter what it takes” she exclaimed. Everybody in the Camry feel silent.


“Do you think that Renge is that kind of person who will let your dreams cost you when you do that? I think not, Attorney Fujioka. Your line as an attorney, your reputation and your company is at stake when you do that” Kyoya explained as he parked the car on the executive class near the emergency room. Kyoya carried Haruhi in his arms as he calls for medical help. Haruhi and the twins were in a wheelchair to be assisted along the way to the Neurological and Psychological Department of the hospital. Doctor Akito Ootori was assigned to examine the twins while the other doctor will take care of Haruhi.


“Haruhi . . . Fujioka, nee?” a doctor called her name in. It was the former CEO of their own company, no other but the great Yoshio Ootori greeted our trembled heroine.


“Yes?” Haruhi answered. He can hear her voice still trembling and her eyes are deluded after what happened an hour ago. She really looked grotesque, emotionally.


“Father, I am sure that she’s really shocked after what happened” Kyoya explained to his father, and then he nodded and assisted the young lady to sit in the hospital bed for tests.


“Relax, dear. Everything’s going to be fine. This is not a stressful exercise. We were just assessing your actions, okay?” the senior doctor smiled at her, in whom our heroine smiled back weakly at him. It made Kyoya really worried. After an hour, Yoshio finally assessed her final results.


“So far, your psychological resilience is tough, but you’re having post-traumatic stress, dear. I advise you to stay away from this case, in case you are asking” he said as he took not on her psychological test assessment sheet.


“But, I need to avenge my best friend! She was killed by a gunshot wound on the back! How should I calm down at that if I can’t go in that case?” Haruhi freaked out inside the room as Kyoya hugged him at the back.


“Please, calm down, dear . . . I know it’s not easy” he whispered on her ear. Her reaction makes her body go quiver in some aspects that she couldn’t understand herself either. She was broken into pieces the moment that her best friend’s gone, until her conscience brought her back to normal when Kyoya’s warm arms wrapped around her.


“You can’t also do that, Attorney Fujioka . . .” Yoshio continued. Kyoya looked at his father as he made Haruhi sit in the hospital bed.


“It would be a conflict of interest if you do that, even you and your friends, even Takashi is out of this crime scene, you know. You can see the evidence by supervision, but you can’t collect them. Please, think about that” he concluded. He was right: Renge is Haruhi’s best friend. It would be a conflict of interest and it can cost her career as one of the best attorneys there is.


As she walks through the corridors, our young heroine was so depressed, until the next call she received makes her world shift even more.


“Haruhi? Please hurry! Me and Takashi’s on the emergency room!” huffed Mitsukuni.


Kimi ni makechaisou na kurai

Kimi ni nayamasaresou da

Kimi ni kikoecha dame dame dame da

Kimi ni nagasaresou na kurai

Kimi ni shiteyararesou da

Kimi o omoccha dame dame dame da


(it seems I’m gonna be so tortured by you,

I’ll be overtaken by you,

But I can’t ever, ever, ever let you hear me say it

It’s seems you’re gonna do me in,

Until I’m swept away within you,

So I can’t, can’t, can’t let myself think about you)


She runs as fast as she could go to the emergency ward where her brother is. Kyoya followed at her . . .


“She was so fast! I can’t catch up if I am not that determined to go after her. I must not break Takashi-senpai’s promise” – thought Kyoya as he boosted up from his self-determination. When they arrived at the emergency ward, Takashi was badly injured after a car crash on his way to the hospital to fetch Haruhi. Mitsukuni was slightly injured after he was protected by his cousin.

When Mitsukuni saw Haruhi, he cried in her arms.


“Where is he?” she asked and huffed all over after a speedy run, so is Kyoya.


“He is in the operation room right now, Haru-chan. If I was bigger than Takashi . . .” Mitsukuni sobbed. Our heroine interrupts his brother’s agony by comforting him.


“No, it’s not that, Mitsukuni-nii-sama. There was a purpose on which you were perfectly fine. He sworn to protect you and everybody else, remember?” she comforted the little guy as tears fell in her eyes . . .


“Who’s the family of the victim?” the doctor came out and asks them. Kyoya greeted the doctor and the doctor bowed in respect in accordance to his family ties with the company.


“Ootori-sama, the patient’s in comatose right now. He was badly hurt: his left arm was broken and being reconnected again by a steel cast while his both legs are in complete cast right now, and there’s a fifty percent chance that he can’t walk again. I am terribly sorry, Ootori-sama” the doctor reported to his boss. Haruhi’s despair crossed as her agony was shown in the way she cried, so as Mitsukuni who was blaming himself for the accident.


Sugu wasurechatte dame da

Umaku ienakute dame da

Omou you ni dekinai dame da

Uzukumattecha dame da


( I shouldn’t forget things so soon

I can never say things right

Things never go as I plan, I’m so worthless

But I shouldn’t just cower in the corner)



“Thank you doctor. I know that you did your best to save him” he smiled at the doctor and he excused himself for him to finish the surgery.


“Haninozuka-senpai, would you like to come home with us?” Kyoya invited, but the little boy shook his head.

“Don’t worry about me, Kyoya. I will be waiting for our relatives to come over. Get Haruhi home. His father is in the apartment by an hour or two after what he knew about it since I called him a while ago. Kyoya nodded. As our both protagonist excused themselves, Kyoya brought Haruhi in his arms and carried her all the way to the Camry and drive her home. He assisted our young attorney all the way to the apartment. As Kyoya made Haruhi changed in her normal clothes, he went to the kitchen to cook rice and curry. After ten minutes, Haruhi opened her room and stared at Kyoya cooking. She can smell the curry that her stomach’s grumbling.


“Kyoya . . .” our heroine called Kyoya. Wearing a white handkerchief on his head with a white, frilly apron wrapped around his chest and his sleeves were rolled upwards.


“This is almost finished. Don’t stress yourself out. I’ll bring the food to your room . . .” he said as he scoop two cups of newly cooked rice from the rice cooker and put it on the rice bowl.


“Why are you doing this?” she asked. Kyoya’s silver eyeglasses were glazing in the light, staring at her and smiled.


Kitzutsuitatte ana aitatte

Massugu tatteirareru you ni naritai


(even I get hurt, even if a hole is opened right in me

I want to be someone who can keep standing up straight)



“Because you deserve to be taken care of . . .” he said as he continued to stir the curry until he turned off the stove and put it on the big bowl. He carefully put some on a bowl, put it in a tray and went to her direction. They went in together, as Haruhi prepared the hospital tray table, Kyoya put their dinner.


“Itadakimasu!” they said in chorus as they started to eat dinner. Kyoya stared at Haruhi while she eats: her small physique was so fragile that he feels like when he said something bad, she may shatter into fine pieces in which she couldn’t be placed back up again. The moment he swear to Takashi that he will take over the guardianship for him, he was super determined that he won’t let go of her, both for his responsibility and for his personal gain.


And of the top of that, he fell deeply in love with our heroine.


Kimi ni makechaisou na kurai

Kimi ni nayamasaresou da

Kimi ni kikoecha dame dame dame da

Kimi ni nagasaresou na kurai

Kimi ni shiteyararesou da

Kimi o omoccha dame dame dame da


(it seems I’m gonna be so tortured by you,

I’ll be overtaken by you,

But I can’t ever, ever, ever let you hear me say it

It’s seems you’re gonna do me in,

Until I’m swept away within you,

So I can’t, can’t, can’t let myself think about you)



When they finished eating dinner, Kyoya and Haruhi went to the kitchen to drink water, Haruhi had a minute to gaze all over at Kyoya: she thought of him at first as a cold-hearted multi-billionaire playboy, but he wasn’t that type of guy: he was also kind and passionate.


“Yes, Haruhi?” the young scientist asked our heroine. She was snapped out of her concentration then she was blushing all over and avoiding his gaze in which it made Kyoya laughed.


“I am really different from the expectation that you always think. Say . . .” he smirked as they sit on the couch. As they meet each other’s gaze, he questioned our heroine:


“What if I fell in love with you?”


Hi ga ochite mata ochite

Uzumaite nukedashite

Konoha yurete mu ni foujite

Ame ni nure tsuki ga mieru


(the sun goes down, and I’ve sunk down again

Spinning myself in circles ‘till I make it back out

Then leaves sway and I cast it all away

Where soaked by the rain, I can see the moon)


The sentence echoed in our heroine’s thought. She was shocked: her cheeks were blushing uncontrollably and her fingers are fidgeting. She took a deep breath, and then a knock echoed the whole apartment. Kyoya opened the door. The energetic okama-san welcomed the doorstep of our heroine’s apartment.


“Is my daughter here?” asked the okama-san. Kyoya nodded. He entered the apartment and Haruhi hugged his father.


“Daddy’s here, my dear. I brought your favorite.” he said as Haruhi looked at him, smiling weakly, but her tears fell in her eyes


“Dear . . . everything happens for a reason. Let’s go to the kitchen” he said as Kyoya prepared for his extra shirt.


“Attorney Fujioka, can I use the apartment toilet?” he asks. She nods and the two Fujiokas headed to the kitchen while Kyoya was heading to the comfort room. Haruhi gets the remote control of the television and turned it on to watch news since his father likes it so much.


“Dad . . .” Haruhi asked her father as she prepared her father’s rice bowl and the platter for the ootoro.


“Yes?” her father answered as he begins to eat


“I look like a douchebag right now” she muttered as she takes a bite of her favorite sushi. Her father’s face was completely planted confusion on her face.


“Oh, what do you mean? Or should I rephrase that? “WHO”?” his father asked with a slight of emphasis on the word “who”. Haruhi was completely lost to his father. Of course, through those twenty four years that he was with his daughter, Ryoji Fujioka was been a stage father when Kotoko died. He needs to be a father/mother role to his daughter, but Haruhi was that kind of child who understands a lot.


“It’s about Takashi-nii. Should I cut ties with him?” she asked his father. She doesn’t know what to do after her and Takashi going through. Ryoji just smiled at her daughter and patted her head.


“You know that it’s too hard to forget something, but I think you need to let go of what he promised to Kotoko. It would be the most painful thing to do when you are keeping on hoping, after what happened to him . . .” he answered her daughter’s question.


“But of what happened to your best friend, you need to give justice to her . . . even though it costs your degree and reputation” he whispered to his daughter’s ear, and then he continued to eat his dinner.


In the business news, the new CEO of the multi-billionaire Ootori Medical Group, Dr. Kyoya Ootori M.S.F.S is taking his leave after the gruesome murder of his colleague, Renge Houshakuji on her wedding day as what the former CEO of the said group, Dr. Yoshio Ootori. He will taking over the company on the temporary basis: However, the Morinozuka-Fujioka Law firm is now temporary closing because of what happened to the groom of the deceased bride, Takashi Morinozuka and the most well-known attorney in Tokyo and her best friend, Haruhi Fujioka . . .


His father was shocked after he saw Kyoya on the news.


“Do you mean . . .” his face can’t be drawn into a stick figure after what he saw on the news. His daughter just nodded at him and smiled.


“I can’t help it. My father is taking good care of my well-being after what happened” he suddenly appeared with a khaki shorts and a polo shirt as he dry his hair. Ryoji was just finished his dinner and to his eyes, a fine, young man was standing for his daughter.


As a father, he smells something . . . a future son-in-law.


“It’s nice to meet you, Fujioka-sama” he smiled back at him as he bowed at the okama-san. He smiled.


“Thank you for comforting my Haruhi” he stood on the chair and bowed at him as an act of gratitude. As he was ready to leave, Haruhi was puzzled.


“Dad, where are you going? I thought you will be staying for the night?” asked the heroine to her dad as he was getting ready to leave.


“I was up for a conference, dear daughter. The conference will start at 9 in the evening” he smiles as he hugged his daughter for a while.


“You know, Haruhi dear, there is someone who suffers pain more than you do by taking the same steps that you take in order for him to get you. He can’t just chase you forever, my dear daughter. Keep in mind that you forget Takashi before it’s too late” he smiled as he went through the door. Our heroine is confused after what her dad told her, and our young scientist knew what our heroine’s father’s words meant.


“Do you need assistance, Fujioka-sama?” Kyoya asks. Ryoji shook his head.


“Call me Ranka, Kyoya-kun. My friends are on the lobby waiting for me. I just dropped by to see how my lovely daughter is doing. Take care of her” he smiled as he closed the door, left Haruhi and Kyoya in the room, still in shocked of what Ryoji meant.


They feel awkward to each other: they were both lost for words.


“So, where on earth are we the last time we spoke” Kyoya breaks the silence between them. Our heroine’s heart was beating so fast. Kyoya walks towards her as our heroine back her steps until she was pinned into a wall.


“Let me go, at once, Kyoya Ootori!” Haruhi hisses as she went silent while Kyoya’s face was inches from hers.


“You’re unfair, Attorney Fujioka. You play it so well . . .” he whispered on her ear as she froze like a jinzo statue, but she wants to shrug Kyoya off her.


“What do you mean?” Haruhi was now agitated as Kyoya tightens his grip on the both sides of her body right now.


“Did you hear what your dad was telling you? Why do you need to suffer like this?” Kyoya’s voice turned sharp. Haruhi was startled.


“If that’s what it takes, I will chase you forever . . . but, it seems like I am not” her gaze was so sharp. Haruhi can’t say anything right now. She froze as Kyoya felt the tension in her.


“I didn’t mean to . . . I’m sorry.” he whispered as he let go of Haruhi. He looked Haruhi: he felt that she is going to break. He bowed at her in respect and picked up his car keys.


“No matter how I do, your face and your will were like this. Take a good night rest, Attorney Fujioka. Good night” he bowed once again and leaves the apartment.


She loses her bearings, making herself sit on the cold carpet. She succumb the loneliness of her apartment. She closed her eyes, and all she sees was the act of kindness that Kyoya gave her. But it was not just the act of kindness he shows these past few days . . . Is it possible that the young bachelor fell in love with a commoner attorney like her?


Kimi ni makechaisou na kurai

Kimi ni nayamasaresou da

Kimi ni kikoecha dame dame dame da

Kimi ni nagasaresou na kurai

Kimi ga suki nandesu

Kimi o omoccha dame dame dame da


(It’s seems you’re gonna do me in,

Until I’m swept away within you,

So I can’t, can’t, can’t let myself think about you

It seems like I loved you enough

That I’m gonna get obsessed

So I can’t, can’t, can’t let myself think about you)



Of course he is. It was too late for her to realize . . .


“What if I fell in love with you?”


She was widely awake. She whispered unto the air . . .


“I want you to fall in love with me each and every single day . . . in spite of all of my imperfections and mood swings.”


That was it. She had enough of this unrequited taboo thing happened to her all over and over again. She ran the corridors as she tries to call Kyoya on the phone, but she remembered that she has no cellphone number. She takes a deep breath as she continues to run in the stairs. No matter she fell down and knock off the floor, tears were formed in her eyes calling his name.


Untagatte bakari ja dame da

Higaisha buttecha dame da

Amaete bakari ja dame da

Mune o hatte ikanakya dame da

(I shouldn’t only indulge my doubts!

I shouldn’t play the victim!

I shouldn’t always depend on someone else!

I have to hold my head up high!)


“KYOYAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Haruhi was now screaming at the top of her lungs as she continues to run through the basement. Meanwhile, Kyoya was on his way to his car. Thinking of the things he said just earlier in our heroine’s apartment was pretty careless for our young admirer. AS he close his eyes and stopped for a bit, he can hear Haruhi’s voice, screaming his name.


“Haruhi . . .” Kyoya whispered to himself.


“KYOYAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Haruhi screamed as she caught off-guard. She stumbled herself on the stairs and Kyoya heard her groaning in pain.


“HARUHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” screamed Kyoya as he was startled and ran towards our heroine. She was so exhausted running from the 25th floor all the way to the basement using the stairs. As Kyoya catch her in his arms, Haruhi can’t help it but to smiled weakly at him.


 “That was too reckless of you running all the way here. You know, that’s not ladylike, especially for you” scolded Kyoya as Haruhi softly chuckled. She reaches for his cheeks and cupped them.


“You know, I used to be in a track-and-field in middle school before. I used to chase Takashi-nii, but now, I chase at you. It’s weird right?” she said while she was gasping, lacking for air. On the other hand, Kyoya didn’t know why his tears fell from his eyes and laughed.


“Love is really hard to resist . . . even for a guy like me and a clueless girl like you. It seems like you and me . . .” Kyoya carried her in his arms as he kissed our heroine in the forehead, making our heroine’s cheeks turned brightly red, squeaked and squirmed.



“. . . Were bound to be together” he whispered as he takes the young attorney back to her apartment. As Kyoya tucked Haruhi to sleep, his affection was growing even more to notice our young attorney.


“There, take your rest . . .” he whispered as he smiled and went outside. Haruhi suddenly hold his hand. He looked at her with utmost concern


“Are you going home?” she asked. Kyoya shook his head.


“I will be sleeping in the couch. I should buy a bed first thing tomorrow to put on the other room or a double decker to be nice” he concluded as he smiled back at her. She smiled back at him as he kissed our heroine’s forehead.


“Goodnight, Haruhi . . .” greeted Kyoya as Haruhi suddenly kissed his cheek.


“Sleep well, Kyoya” she answered back. She chuckled as Kyoya’s cheeks turned red. He closed the door and went to the couch and slept just like the other day.

Lady Marmalade (Case 3)
I am currently writing the second entry of "The Black Book", so it would be released next week before the weekend (usually on Thursdays or Fridays) Zen Bow, Male 
I thank you for all the support that you given to me, especially to my :iconkyoyaharuhi: family! I love you guys! Chitanda Bowing Icon 


P.S: Will release 2 chapters as promised last week ~ Takane Bowing Icon 
Kokuhaku (Confession) Page 3 by erichi25
Kokuhaku (Confession) Page 3
To be frank, I fulfilled my promise to send two panels not before by the end of the weekend (and an additional cover, too!) :happybounce: 
I am terribly sorry for the delay! Waaaah! 

So, here it is! La la la la Now available on :iconkyoyaharuhi: and on our Production page at… ~

Kokuhaku (Confession) Cover by erichi25
Kokuhaku (Confession) Cover
And . . . the Cover of this comic book is here ~ Clap 
I just made is simple as possible . . . Haruhi is simplicity, you know ~ CURSE YOU! 

Now available on :iconkyoyaharuhi: ~

Kokuhaku (Confession) Page 2 by erichi25
Kokuhaku (Confession) Page 2
Late Upload (Sorry ~ Sweating a little... )
Back to the drawing board, I just finished this page! Yay! :happybounce:  La la la la 
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As promised, I need to release 2 pages for this week, y'know, so I will start making one CURSE YOU! 
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Love, :iconerichi25:

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