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Maybe I'm the weird one.
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Another Journal entry from your SCREAM fan, :iconerichi25: ! can't touch this

Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef ChibiBeelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi 

I know It's been a tough week for me, not having the laptop at my side and on mobile. Yes, there are submissions were submitted, including my first KyoHaru Poem, and some supporting artworks and a commission from :iconratchet-halo: (thanks for trusting Alan and Sora to me dance )

Ouran Host Club Emblem  I found out that :iconyori-sama-1983: is really a hardcore fan of Kyoya Ootori Chibi X Haruhi Fujioka Chibi! I was having fun talking with Stephanie (:iconyori-sama-1983:'s true name) over mobile and there are hatched and hilarious ideas we discussed. I thank you for your accompaniment! I really appreciate it! Honey Chibi

Ouran Host Club Emblem  My supporters from our :iconkyoyaharuhi:, our admin, :iconalan06: and one of my senpais, :iconsisterstories:! Thank you so much for waiting patiently and you support me on this project non-stop. Without you, I can't gain strength to continue this. Ouran High School bunny 

Ouran Host Club Emblem  To :iconsilver-fox-princess: who added the whole chapters on her Favorits, thank you! It's a great honor! Tamaki Suoh Chibi

Ouran Host Club Emblem  For, :icontransformicerawks11:, I can't thank you enough for your comment, and yes I will never stop on growing Takashi Morinozuka Chibi

Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef ChibiBeelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi Beelzenef Chibi 

So, it would be a quick journal entry for this week because I am currently writing a fanfic outside the computer (will encode it when I am back from the laptop) entitled "Walking on Sunshine", a KyoHaru Fanic Kyoya Ootori Chibi Haruhi Fujioka Chibi , currently on the fourth chapter while I am doing some artworks too! xD

Ouran Host Club Emblem  Free Commissions are Available to 5 Slots Only! (Artwork and Story)
       You can send me a note via DeviantArt, or on Skype at eccpabellon Kaoru Hitachiin Chibi 

Ouran Host Club Emblem  I'm Online on Mobile from 11 in the morning until 12 in the midnight Hikaru Hitachiin Chibi 

So, give me a beep when you have any questions, nee? Kyoya Ootori Chibi

~ :iconerichi25: on  deviantART 


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Erica Celine Cassandra Fernandez
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Welcome to le paradise!

I am Erichi (my HS classmates called me because they known me from writing and making comics and etc.), can call me Eri for short.
Freelancer, Cosplayer, Blogger, Photographer, Comic Writer and Illustrator. Music Editor, Deejay and the Program Head of The Erichi Radio.

*The Erichi Radio:
Want to hear Japanese songs, CCM Music and Japanese lessons?

Updates on our Social Media Sites:…

*Production Page at…, website is on maintenance at

KyoyaHaruhi at dA - :iconkyoyaharuhi:


The True Eri:
I like people who are really open, friendly, nice, straight-to-the-point and honest.
I hate people who are liars, backstabbers, fame whores, idiots and especially thieves stealing other's ideas and thoughts.

Contact Me Via Social Media Sites, but LEAVE A NOTE FIRST and STATE YOUR BUSINESS with me. Will just put my websites :3 (on maintenance)

Feel free to browse on my little but humble-down profile ~ <3


An incredible way of typing my fanfics on my tab: OfficeSuite. Kinda sucks sometimes because it zooms automatically when you touch it. A good innovative way of posting my fanfics easily, I suppose :3

I know, I was a precoccious, sarcastic jerk and the natural type, before back in my high school days. I never knew that I fell in love with a low blood pressure overlord, and a top of that, a puppet master and aloof-charismatic vice president of our club. And, more to my surprise, the little merry-go-round loli-shota guy fell in love with me too. So, how this story actually happened? It all starts on my clumsiness that made a renè vase broken that reaped eight million yen, and yes, rather to be an errand girl, the idiotic king didn't noticed my gender as he made me into one of them: a host who can please women by accompaniment. Things were different here, until someone noticed my true gender in the club first and made me wear the girl's uniform.

Since then, he keeps on monitoring my status in anything. Every tracks I've been making, he records it everything on his black book. I wonder what things he write in his black book, and we refer to that as " the holy record of doom", as the twins decribed the book. But until the day I laid my eyes on him on my first year, he was really an unexceptional guy after all. He's really not that gooey, after all, he was raised as a merciless businessman from head to foot. An incredible kind, I must say. He was there whenever I need him, and ready to dive in whatever the situation may be. But on the day Renge announced their engagement on the first semester, things gone complicated.

"Haru-chaaaan! ~"
"Hani-senpai! How was your day?"
"I want to devour a mountain of cake today, but cavity's ruining our cake session day with Usa-chan"

Oh, yes, in this scene, I never notice how I blind I was. Screeching from behind, I was trying to
forget Kyoya-senpai. It's for the best, as my father would say.

"Promise me, Hani-senpai."
"What is it, Haru-chan?"
"As long as your cavity is filled, I will bake a strawberry cake for you and Usa-chan"
"For me and Usa-chan?"
"Yes, senpai. Promise me not to forgot to brush your teeth, okay?"

Hani-senpai's really energetic this day, so I noticed Kyoya-senpai was observing of what he saw just now. As Renge was cradled in his arms, the patrons were really fangirling all over the couple. We met by the eye, and I shrug my view out of him, drawing my attention to Hani-senpai instead. Well, I need to shrug off and focused to forget him.
But I just can't. It hurts.

Walking on Sunshine (Prologue)
Yet another KyoHaru story for your fluffy friend, Eri xD
How are you guys? I know that I am still on mobile and I did find a way to write my fanfictions in my tablet, so I boght a keyboard and started typing this xD
As I am still writing "When She Loved Me", I formulate this another fanfic :3

By the way, please don't hate me if I add Mitsukuni-senpai to make a love triangle. YES. I know what you are all thinking. I am putting him as Kyoya's rival in order to make this fanfic enjoy to read (sopleasedon'thatemeforit T_T)
If you're asking, I had the sypnosis (to be posted later on once I had the opportunity to grab the desktop computer)

For now, enjoy this prologue, and yes. A teaser too :)



OHSHC (c) Bisco Hatori-sensei Love Love 
An intense typing. Really. I hope x3
Have you heard the song "Yours Truly" by Kana Nishino (feat. WISE) ? Imagine Hani-senpai letting go of Haruhi for Kyoya :3
Chapter 14 was really tough . . . and the longest chapter of the series (So far with 2.5k words) xD
Now typing Chapter 15 ~

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I need to support a certain group in order for them to be a "Super Group" for a year, just a year, and as an administrator, to survive years with things that I need to connect with shippers, deviants and members of the said group. Please don't hesitate to donate here, it goes to to be a super group for a year, or if in the other way around, you can send me a note if you want to donate or support me via PayPal.

Thank you so much!

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